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Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter

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Offering the most reliable, consistent and accurate way to monitor your heart rate, the Viavito heart rate transmitter is suitable for use with any device that's fitted with a 5.3khz uncoded wireless receiver. With an adjustment range of 61cm-93cm (24”-36.6”), the strap fits most chest sizes and ensures a secure, comfortable and adaptive fit to let you focus on maximizing training results. This open frequency transmitter is both lightweight and durable and delivers superb reliability to help you get the most out of your cardio training. The chest strap comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery and has a transmission distance of 100cm/39.4” (max. 140cm/55.1”).

Our price £24.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Open frequency heart rate transmitter
  • Ensures quick and accurate heart rate measurement
  • Works with any device that has a 5.3khz uncoded receiver
  • Great elasticity
  • Adjustable length of the strap
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides a comfortable, adjustable fit
  • Fits most chest sizes
  • Adjustment Range: 61cm-93cm (24”-36.6”)
  • Replaceable battery
  • Frequency: 5.3khz
  • Transmission Distance: 100cm/39.4” (max. 140cm/55.1”)
  • Battery Type: CR2032 (supplied)
  • Strap: Length=61cm (24”), Width=3cm (1.2”)
  • Transmitter: Length=6.5cm (2.5”), Width=3.5cm (1.4”)


Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter - Instructions

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Hi, is this HR monitor compatible with the viavito rokai rowing machine?


I need a heart rate monitor for a Kettler Giro GT. Is the Viavito heart rate transmitter compatible?

Yes. This transmitter will work with the Giro GT

Hello would this unit work with nordik track devices?

Hi. It depends on the age of the NordicTrack equipment. It will work on most older NT models but new NT models are Bluetooth. This will not work with Bluetooth devices.

Is this compatible with any android fitness apps e.g strava, endemondo etc?

This is an uncoded 5 khz transmitter so is not designed to work with mobile devices. If you wish to use a chest strap with a mobile device, you'll likely need one that is Bluetooth based.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes. This transmitter uses a CR2032 battery that is replaceable.

How does this connect to my Satori exercise bike?

All you need to do is put on the chest belt as per the instructions, power up your Satori and then start a workout. The transmitter will automatically connect within 30 seconds. That's it!

Is this any more accurate than the handlebar sensors on an exercise bike which are totally inaccurate? My pulse is shown as 176 on my biek whereas on my separate bloodpressure machine it's perhaps 85 to 90.

Yes. This Viavito chest belt is far more accurate than any handgrip pulse sensors and will give you a sensibly accurate heart rate reading.

Can this connect to my DKN AM-E exercise bike?

Yes absolutely. This transmitter is compatible with your bike.

Can I use this with a pacemaker?

If you are using a pacemaker, you can use the Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter. In theory interference to the pacemaker caused by this product should not be possible. In practice no reports exist to suggest anyone ever having experienced interference. Viavito cannot however issue an official guarantee on this product's suitability with all pacemakers or other implanted devices due to the variety of devices available. If you have any doubts, or if you experience any unusual sensations while using Viavito products, please consult your physician or contact the implanted electronic device manufacturer to determine safety in your case.

If I am not satisfied with this product, can I return it?

Yes absolutely. We offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Please see our returns policy for full details.

Does this chest belt need a wrist watch type monitor?

No. This chest belt connects directly to any compatible piece of fitness equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical trainer, rowing machine etc) and your heart rate is displayed on the monitor of the equipment.

What's the maximum chest size this will work with?

The strap has an adjustment range of 61cm-93cm (24”-36.6”)

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Unable to write a review because you sent me the wrong item, and is still waiting for its collection and to be supplied with the right item. I want to be compensated for the shoddy service and to be compensated with at least 10% off the £411.50 that I was charged, but I will let PayPal Credit sort it out.

Poor. The 100cm-140cm range when used on a Rowing machine means that the transmitter is around the maximum at each stroke. When it does read it seems to be only around half of the true Heart Rate and intermittent at that. A waste of money, even with the generous 1/2 price offer. Will need to source another brand for safety reasons.

Firstly I would like to say how pleased I was with the prompt service. The hear monitor feet’s snugly and comfortably and doesn’t slip. It enables me to workout within my target heart rate which means I can get the most from my cardio exercises. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Great transmitter, works well with our viavito gym equipment

Does not work. Heart rate never goes above 80, even during a high-intensity workout (where my fitbit has me at 160bpm). I've tried positioning it in a variety of ways, saline, and changed the battery. Oh well.

Purchased this to use with my Viavito Satori bike. Works perfectly. Way more accurate than the hand grips on the bars. Does what it says on the tin and does it well. Recommended.

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