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Viavito Mini Fitness Trampoline

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Great for improving the cardiovascular system and increasing muscle to fat ratio, the Viavito mini fitness trampoline offers a fun and safe way of losing weight and keeping fit. This strong, yet lightweight (6.2kg) rebounder with a diameter of 38'' (96.5cm) ensures effective and enjoyable low-impact workouts and helps to improve balance and coordination. The trampoline has a solid 6-legged steel construction for added stability and enhanced durability. It is suitable for strengthening bones, muscles and cells and boosts your metabolism. The rebounder provides easy storage and transportation thanks to its detachable legs.

Our price £28.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Compact fitness trampoline
  • Diameter: 38'' (96.5cm)
  • Improves dexterity, flexibility and strength
  • Helps to burn more calories that jogging for an hour
  • Strengthens skeletal system
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Great for warm up exercises
  • Relieves joint stress and muscle stiffness
  • Easily detachable legs for comfortable storage
  • Durable steel frame and legs
  • 6-legged stable construction
  • Height: 22.5cm (8.8'')
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg (220.5lbs)
  • Product Weight: 6.2kg (13.6lbs)
  • Colour: Black


Viavito Mini Fitness Trampoline - User Manual

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Does this come trampoline come with an exercise guide?

Yes. There's a guide to 7 different exercises in the manual.

Can this be kept outdoors?

It's ok to use it outside, but it should be brought back inside when you've finished using it and should be stored indoors

Is it foldable?

No, but it's easy to take the legs off and put them on again so you can slide it under the bed when you're not using it.

What are the legs made of?

Hi. The legs are made of steel and have soft feet.

How many legs does this rebounder have?

Hi. There are 6 legs making it very stable.

Does this use metal springs or bungee cords?

Hi. This trampoline uses metal springs.

Is it noisy when you jump on it?

No. The springs are quiet. Like any spring they make some noise, but they don't squeak or rattle which keeps the volume down.

Can this trampoline be used inside without damaging the floor?

Yes absolutely. This rebounder is designed for indoor use and won't damage your floors.

Is this pre-assembled or do you have to put it together?

This item comes flat packed and requires assembly. The assembly is very quick and easy. There are 6 legs that screw into position. Then you have completed the assembly!

What's the weight limit for users?

The maximum user weight is 100kg (220 lb/ 17.74 stone)

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Good mini tramp. Nice and quiet. Its stable and the price is very good too. Some spring rebounders are squeaky but this one doesn’t squeak at all so it’s a lot nicer to use than some I’ve had before.

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