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Viavito Rokai Multi-Function Folding Rowing Machine

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With a smooth, sleek appearance and high-quality build, the Viavito Rokai multi-function rowing machine not only looks great but delivers excellent performance to match.


Benefiting from a 6kg (13.2lbs) flywheel and 16 challenging levels of near-silent, friction-free magnetic resistance this excellent rower delivers an effective, comfortable and enjoyable workout.


The Rokai features 16 workout programmes including manual, user-defined, 12 preset, H.R.C, and a recovery test to keep you motivated and ensure that your workout sessions remain interesting. The preset programmes are scalable so you can stick with your favourite workout and remain challenged no matter how much your fitness levels improve helping to ensure that the Rokai remains an integral part of your fitness programme for years to come.


This great piece of kit also has the option of interval training and a race mode that lets you race against the computer to keep you entertained and drive you to push yourself harder, but it doesn’t end there. Due to its innovative design the Rokai also allows you to perform a wide range of exercises to specifically target Hamstrings, Glutes, Lower, Middle and Upper Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Abs and Obliques making it a multiple workstation in one and comes with an inspirational exercise guide.


In addition, the large pivoting footplates and a biomechanically correct starting position ensure an efficient and effective workout while helping to reduce the chance of injury.


The Rokai is easy to fold up and can be wheeled away to be conveniently stored between uses, making it a highly practical choice for all homes. It's also covered by Viavito's 2 year parts and labour warranty for total peace of mind.

Our price £299.00
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Space-saving foldable design
  • Flywheel: 6kg (13.2lbs)
  • 16 levels of silent, friction-free magnetic resistance
  • Console Display: LCD
  • Console Feedback: Time, distance, calories, strokes, strokes per minute, pulse
  • Programmes: 16 (1 manual, 1 user-defined, 12 preset, 1 H.R.C., 1 Race) + Recovery mode
  • Large footplates with adjustable straps
  • Pedals: Pivot adjustable
  • Inbuilt transportation wheels for easy storage
  • Exercise guide included
  • Row Length: 102cm (40.1")
  • Dimensions (in use): Length=191cm (75.2”), Width=59cm (23.2”), Height=50cm (19.7”)
  • Dimensions (folded): Length=123cm (48.4”), Width=59cm (23.2”), Height=124cm (44.8”)
  • Max User Weight: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Product Weight: 33.5kg (73.8lbs)
  • The Rokai is delivered as 2 boxes, weighing 29kg (64lbs) and 7kg (15.4lbs)
  • Safety Standards: EN ISO 20957-1 & EN 957-7 – Class HC
  • Warranty: 2 years (must register within 28 days to get 2nd year)


Vavito Rokai Folding Rowing Machine - User Manual Exercises Guide

Product Questions and Answers (12)

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Did I read correctly that you can do exercises other than just rowing with this machine?

Yes. In addition to rowing you can do 15 other exercises including: dead lift, dead row, upright row, frontal raise, bicep curl, tricep extension, single side row, double leg press, single leg press, seated alternate twist, seated one-sided twist, wide chest pull, single arm chest pulls, seated bicep rise and seated tricep extensions. An exercise chart is included with the rowing machine.

Does it fold?

Yes. The Rokai has a quick folding mechanism that allows you to store it to one side when not in use

What happens when the warranty has expired and something breaks?

Hi. Even if the warranty has expired it's possible to purchase any part you neeed from Viavito who will be able supply any spares you might need.

Is it ok to keep it in a garage?

We don't recommend storing this rowing machine in cold conditions as this can negatively affect the electronic and mechanical components. The rower should be kept in a warm, clean and dry environment. If your garage matches this description, then it's OK to keep the rower in there.

How quickly can this be delivered?

When in stock this item is dispatched the same day for orders received with cleared payment before 3pm Mon-Fri. The delivery service is next working day.

I'm 6ft 2inch tall. Is this machine suitable for me?

Yes, with a row length of 102cm (40.1"), the Rokai is perfectly suitable for taller users.

I have an inside leg of 36", will I be able to use this machine properly.

Hi, yes. With a row length of 102cm (40.1"), the machine is perfectly suitable for you.

How many programs are there and is there a heart rate control mode?

Hi. There are 16 preset workouts and also a heart rate control mode. There's also a recovery mode and race mode

Hi. Is there a race mode on this machine?

Yes. There's a race mode where you can race against the computer

Can I use a Bluetooth heart rate chest monitor with this rower?

The Rokai is not Bluetooth compatible but it does have a wireless receiver that is compatible with the Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter and most other open frequency chest belts.

do you need to purchase a chest strap for pulse feedback or is this supplied

Hi. The Rokai does not come with chest belt included. The Viavito Heart Rate Transmitter is compatible as are most other 5khz open frequency (uncoded) chest belts.

Is this machine suitable for a 13stone 6 footer?

The Rokai has a max user weight of 120kg (18 stone) and the rail should be comfortably long enough for someone 6ft in height

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Viavito Rokai Multi-Function Folding Rowing Machine Reviews

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good value

Easy setup and comfortable to use. Good start! Particularly like the fact that you can do lots of different exercises and not just row on this machine. It folds up too, which is handy. I’m very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who, like me, is trying to get fit again. It definitely lets you wake up muscles you forgot you had! If it lasts it’ll be a bargain. So far so good.....

Initially happy with this machine and aside from a bit of movement during use (fixed with a mat) it was absolutely fantastic. A particular plus being the monitor console. However in less than a few months in the elastic cord has almost worn through. This may be a flaw or a design issue but it seems that the cord was wearing on the metal inside the handle. The company have very been helpful in arranging a refund.

The quality is quite good once fully assembled and is easy to use. A few seat problems to assemble correctly which required a metal file and hacksaw to sort out(!) but once 'fixed' runs smoothly. It came 'free' as part of a special offer package so probably wouldn't have sorted out myself if it wasn't free. `The machine can take adults approx 100kg so quite sturdy and gives a good workout. Not quite the same quality as a professional gym but more than adequate for home gym use. Would have scored Very Good if it wasn't for the seat problem.

It’s a good starter machine which is what I was looking for like the race mode as motivates me!

I bought the machine in January and made good use of it on a weekly basis. Unfortunately after just 8 months the cord had worn down and partially snapped. It may have been because the cord was wearing against a piece of plastic and may be a one off as I have not seen any other comments similar. The company I bought it through arranged for a replacement and tried to make this as quick and easy as possible. The new machine is working fine so far. I like the fold away aspect and the settings are good.

Great all round exercise machine! only one slight niggle - the foot plates are built for 'Bigfoot' ! I have had to insert blocks to raise my size 9's to the proper position

It is super. Easy to store and the ability to do several different exercises is very helpful

I am very pleased with the performance of the machine, but have some obsevations. I cannot lock the aluminium rail in the vertical position because the rail cover partly obscures the locking pin holes. The seat is little too small, and the foot rest straps are too far up for people with small feet ( size 7 in ny case). As a consequence my feet continually swivel from the vertical. Can anyone advisevme of a compatible chest belt. Despite the above I wish that had exchanged my old machine for one of these much sooner

Not super hard at highest level but gives a good workout. Everything runs smoothly with very little noise and seems to be of good quality. The first one I had from this seller was faulty, but they replaced it very quickly and took away the faulty one at the same time (10/10 for that). I would buy again from this company -

The service, delivery and quality of the Viavito Rokai was exemplary. I am an active 78 year old recovering from leg surgery and daily use of the machine is, without doubt, of great benefit. I chose it specifically for it's multi-functionality. 20 minutes to half an hour each day has, without doubt, improved strength and agility in upper body and leg strength.

Having used Concept 2 rowing machines in the gym for many years, any machine would have alot to live up to. So I took a leap of faith, and I am very impressed! The machine copes well with my 175cm 105kg frame, with heaps of rail left for taller people. The rowing action is smooth, the seat is comfortable and I think the 16 levels of resistance will be plenty. I am surprised by how much I enjoy using it. I like being able to use the machine for other exercises as well. A plastic rail cover did arrive split but otherwise the product was well packaged and was together in about 40 minutes. After a week I can say I made the right choice.

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