Weider PRO 5500 Home System Multi Gym  

Weider PRO 5500 Home System Multi Gym

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The Weider PRO 5500 multi gym is an eye-catching piece of equipment designed for home use that has been created to guarantee safe and comfortable workouts. With a leg developer, a butterfly station, an arm press and high and low pulley stations this great piece of kit is sure to give you great results. It features a solid tubular steel frame for extra durability, as well as a fully padded vinyl-covered seat and foam rollers ensuring maximum comfort. In addition, the precision bearing pulley provides a smooth movement of the weights. The multi gym offers an 85kg (187.4lbs) single stack of weights in a protective shroud.

Our price £599.00
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Precision Bearing Pulley - Improvement of the pulley fluidity
  • Butterfly station - Comfortable padded horizontal butterfly arms
  • Leg Developer - Padded, 4-foam station isolates quads and hamstrings for leg extensions and curls. Arm Press - To workout chest and arm muscles
  • High Pulley with multi grip lat bar - Specialise your back workout by using a variety of hand positions on the multi grip lat bar
  • Low Pulley - Use the low pulley for a variety of exercises including curls and rows
  • Safety Shield - Ensures safe travel of weight stack
  • Adjustable Seat and Preacher Pad - Ensures a comfortable workout position
  • Ankle Strap - To help you to get the most of the pulleys
  • Weight Stack: 85kg (187.4lbs)
  • Max Weight High Pulley: 102kg (224.8lbs)
  • Max Weight Butterfly: 40kg (88.2lbs)
  • Max Weight Arm Press: 120kg (264.5lbs)
  • Max Weight Low Pulley: 110kg (242.5lbs)
  • Dimensions Assembled: Length=200cm (78.7”), Width=110cm (43.3”), Height=210cm (82.7”)
  • Product Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Max User Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs)


Weider PRO 5500 Home System Multi Gym-User Manual

Product Questions and Answers (9)

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Is it possible to add extra weights?

It's not possible to add extra weights to this model

Hi, is it possible to buy a set of cables for this?

Replacement cables and accessories can be purchased directly from Icon Health & Fitness UK

How high does my ceiling need to be to be able to accomodate this gym?

The height of this gym at the tallest point is 210cm (82.7”). We'd suggest you leave a couple more centimetres just to be on the safe side.

Does the front fold up to save space?

This gym is fixed and does not fold

I’m 6’4” - will I be able to use comfortably?

Yes absolutely. The Weider Pro 5500 is suitable for a person of your height.

Do you do installation on this multi gym is Weider pro 5500?

We're currently unable to offer an installation service on this item

Is it possible to set up butterfly to perform reverse flyes (for rear delts)?

It is not possible.

Is the largest box that this item is delivered in within the 80 kg limit for upstairs delivery?

The heaviest box weighs just under 80kg and will therefore, qualify for delivery upstairs.

I notice that some of the weights given eg for the high pulley (102kg) are heavier than the weight stack. Is this due to the pulley system or does this include additional weights added to the stack?

Hi. This is down to the pulley system creating additional resistance. There are no additional weights to add to the stack.

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Great bit of kit, not easy to assemble, be warned !! set aside at least 8 hours and loads of patience. Once assembled it works really well and has lots of useful exercises which can be performed.

It's a very impressive multigym when up and running. My only gripe is the fact that many of the hundreds of bits come unlabelled so you have to be patient and use your brain a bit. Took me more than 6 hours (and some swearing) to get it finally all together. The instructions could be much better. The diagrams are not accurate and a tad poor. I'd actually challenge the CEO of the company to assemble it straight from the box on their own. So many bags with unlabelled bits!!!

this is a fantastic home gym please check other reviews online as confirmation 5* !

cant beat next day delivery. well done sweatband. comes in 4 boxes of which 3 are the weights. you are left with 1 great big box :O) (yes i overdid it trying it out) still getting used to the diff exercises (pull downs can be awkward trying to avoid chest press arms but that may just be me. overall very pleased. great delivery great multigym great price . sorted.

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