Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat View

Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat

Reach full potential in every area of your yoga practice using the Viavito Asuryama 4mm yoga mat. This generously sized (183x61cm) yoga mat is designed to help you build endurance, flexibility and strength while working the different series of postures. Printed with a beautiful mandala pattern for focus and meditation, the Asuryama lets you take the most out of your yoga sessions. It features a central line and side markers to facilitate proper alignment and enable you to stay centred throughout your practice. To provide impact reduction and enhanced cushioning, the mat is 4mm (0.2”) thick and offers a honeycomb textured design delivering a high-grip, anti-slip surface and a stable base for various asanas. Plus, it is lightweight, waterproof and soft to touch and comes with an elastic carry strap for comfortable transportation to and from the studio.

Yoga Mad Travel Mat View

Yoga Mad Travel Mat

The Yoga Mad travel mat is European made and is perfect for people seeking a truly portable mat. The mat is very durable with perfect grip. At a weight of only 0.75kg for a full size mat it is foldable so it can fit in a suitcase. In addition, it is excellent for use under a yoga rug or to put on top of a club mat for hygiene purposes.

Viavito Leviato 6mm Yoga Mat with Carry Strap View

Viavito Leviato 6mm Yoga Mat with Carry Strap

This premium quality yoga mat from Viavito is made of top-grade, non-toxic PVC and is 6mm thick for superior comfort. Featuring a honeycomb textured design on both sides, it’s designed to reduce slippage. Generously sized at 61cm (24”) wide and 183cm (72”) long and supplied with a carry handle for convenience, this mat is suitable for a wide variety of uses!

Viavito Travel Yoga Mat View

Viavito Travel Yoga Mat

The Viavito travel yoga mat is a stylish and practical choice for the nomadic yogis. Thanks to its light weight and a foldable design, the mat is packable, portable and easy to carry. It has an anti-slip, textured surface to keep the mat in place during practice and ensures added support and impact reduction. Perfect for yoga, stretching, relaxing the mind for meditation and fitness exercises, the mat is soft-to-touch and made from a durable, waterproof material. To give you more confidence and help you correctly perform a great variety of asanas, the mat provides improved traction. Plus, this 3mm (0.1”) thick mat is easy to clean and makes travelling a breeze.

Yoga Mad Core Fitness Eyelet Mat View

Yoga Mad Core Fitness Eyelet Mat

TheYoga Mad Core Fitness eyelet mat is perfect not only for yoga, stretching and strengthening exercises, but also for relaxation and meditation. It is 15mm (0.6”) thick for extra cushioning and has a ribbed top side and a smooth bottom side. This soft and comfortable mat features rubber eyelets for hanging which are 50cm (19.7”) apart and will fit hangers up to 2.5cm (1”) diameter. The mat is made from NBR foam and is lightweight to ensure easy and comfortable transportation.

Viavito Ayama 6mm Yoga Mat View

Viavito Ayama 6mm Yoga Mat

Great for performing yoga poses and relaxing the mind for meditation, the Viavito Ayama 6mm yoga mat offers a stylish design to brighten up your sessions. It is not only lightweight, but also easy to clean, roll up and store away and features an anti-slip, textured surface to provide improved traction and more confidence during balance exercises. This durable, waterproof and generously sized mat helps to improve flexibility, build muscle strength and perfect your posture. It is 6mm (0.2”) thick for impact reduction, as well as enhanced comfort and cushioning while exercising. Boost your immunity, increase blood flow and up your heart rate using the Viavito Ayama mat for regular yoga sessions and comfortably carry it over the shoulder with an elastic carry strap.


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