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York Workout Tower

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The York workout tower is suitable for home use and enables shaping the upper body without the need for additional weights. All that is required in order to get the perfect physique is the users’ own body weight which can be utilized in a multitude of ways to train the arms, chest, back, shoulders or abdominal muscles.

Our price £121.62
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Double-sided workout tower
  • Push-up handles (integrated on rear of unit)
  • Possible exercise options: wide grip chin-ups, close grip chin-ups, dips, push-ups, vertical knee raise
  • Extra padded upholstery
  • Foot steps on front of unit for chin-ups
  • Solid extra braced design
  • Dimensions: Length=130cm (51.2”), Width=59cm (23.2”), Height=210cm (82.7”)
  • Max user weight: 120kg (264lbs)
  • Product weight: 26kg (57.2lbs)
  • Warranty: 12 months parts and labour

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Could this product be used and left outdoors?

The York workout Tower is manufactured for indoor use to avoid weather erosion.

Can it be used and stored outside?

York suggest keeping the machine in an indoor environment to protect it from wet weather conditions and rusting.

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Always had a lot of fun with calisthenics type training and now I can do new workouts from the comfort of my own garage! The dip station is great for building up the triceps and outer pecs which is my main focus at the moment. Quality bit of kit.

This is a lot safer than using a pull-up bar as I have found them to slip off of the door frame plenty of times. You can do both wide and narrow grip to isolate different parts of the back and even throw in some dips for fun. Excellent product

Great for pull up and dips. Surprisingly sturdy too was a bit worried it would topple over as I'm a big bloke but so far no such thing has happened!

Absolutely fantastic. I've had this for about half a year, and love it. It withstands a great deal of usage, and it holds it's balance well. I wouldn't recommend it for those above 6"1 or 2 as it starts to be hard to do pull ups on, but it offers fantastic exercises for a very reasonable price. Plus, if you get a dipping belt, you can add to your body weight to increase difficulty!

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