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Five Active Tips to Beat The Winter Blues And Get In Shape!

May 5, 2021 2 min read
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    When winter comes many people would rather snuggle by the fire than set off to the gym.

    Admittedly the cold and dark are demotivating, but remember - the summer six pack comes from working out in winter.

    Below are the five tips to beat the winter blues.

    1. Let the light shine

    The lack of daylight at either end of the day has a proven psychological effect on us all. So to set yourself up for an active day begin with some serious light stimulus.

    There are bulbs and lights that mimic daylight and they’re a great investment for the bedroom and the kitchen to help you start the day with good rays.

    This simple trick will make you feel more motivated and ready to go.

    2. Warm up for longer

    When you do exercise, whether it’s at home or the gym, add an extra five minutes to your warm up to really generate heat in the body and get you fully physically prepared for your workout. A gentle jog on the treadmill, and extra spin on the indoor bike will be all it takes to fire you up for a more energetic and effective winter workout.

    3. Be bright and bold

    Counteract the dullness of the day with your brightest workout gear. Much like the light trick above bright colour will improve the mood of yourself and those around you.

    If your bold enough to pop on a witty slogan top too that will bring a smile to your face and serve as a great icebreaker in more ways than one.

    4. Get your summer soundtrack on

    We’ve all got a song that reminds us of summer and simply playing it while you exercise will lift your mood and keep you focussed on the beach body you’ll be tanning just six short months from now.

    So ditch ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ and pop on the most upbeat, sunny and smiley tracks you can think of to keep you singing and stimulated.

    Have a healthy hot toddy

    The mulled wine and hot chocolate may be begging to be drunk but there are some great, heathy winter warmers you can sup that will bring you just as much comfort without the calories.

    Try warming apple juice and adding a little cinnamon, pop a slice of lemon in some boiling water and sweeten with honey or try some warm almond milk with almond butter, cocoa and maple syrup to curb a chocolate craving.

    Remember the days are short but so is the season, before you know it the Christmas wrapping paper will have all been recycled and the early spring flowers will appear. Keep this in mind as you enjoy the season, but don’t let it be the reason you compromise your exercise.

    In this article