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Volkl Cyclone Tennis String Set

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Head Lynx Tennis String Set

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Prince Topspin 15L - 100m Reel

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Head Sonic Pro 16 Tennis String Set

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Prince Tour XP Tennis String Set

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Head Lynx Tennis String 200m Reel

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How to Choose Your Tennis String

Tennis strings are an integral part of a tennis racket and having the right string for you and your style of play will make a big difference to your game. However, a lot of people will spend time researching their next racquet but then overlook the string once they buy the racket. So here we will take you through some of the main points to consider when buying tennis strings.

Also, don’t forget that we have a Master Racket Technician in our Central London store who can advise on all aspects of stringing, rackets and racket customisation, contactable via phone, email or in-store, details on the Contact Us page.


Tennis String Gauges

Tennis strings should be chosen in accordance with your playing style and personal needs. While choosing a string it is very important to decide on the right gauge as that has the most effect on feel and spin. The thinner a gauge the better as thin gauges usually ensure better playability, better bite on the ball, more power and less stress on your arm. Thicker gauged strings should, though, be more durable than thinner strings.

The tennis string gauge is measured from 15 to 19 with the higher numbers being thinner. You will also see thickness given in millimetres as well. “L” sizes are half sizes.

String Tension

When it comes to feel and control, then tension plays the most important role. Tension should be adjusted to your string type and your swing speed. If you use strings that feel stiff, you can usually notice that they do not return much power, but you can change it by adjusting the tension down, which should improve feel and power. Higher tensions will generally offer increased control. Tension is measured in pounds and if you’re unsure about at what tension your racket should be strung then speak to Brad our Master Racket Technician. You can also check the throat area of your racket for the manufacturer’s recommended range of tension for your racket.


String Types, Materials and Characteristics

There are many types of strings and none of them is “the best” as strings that are good for a professional will often not be suitable for a recreational player.

Here at, we stock different types of strings, including ones made from cows’ gut Natural Gut strings that are often used by professional players because of their elasticity, tension stability and liveliness and many types of Synthetic Gut strings that are designed to offer players different characteristics such as durability, spin, feel, power and more.

Using the filters on this page you can refine your search to include just the types or materials you’re looking for.


A string made from a single solid material core, nowadays usually polyester (see below).



As the name suggests these strings are made from lots of intertwined filaments producing a great feel, playability and power. Also more comfortable on arms than monofilament strings.


Natural Gut:

Considered the best for playability and feel but more expensive.



More stiffness (therefore less power) and more durability, generally best suiting those beyond a beginner level.



A combination of two string types, with an increasingly popular one being natural gut and polyester.


Nylon / Synthetic Gut:

A cheaper option normally made from nylon that delivers a good blend of performance and value for money.


String Pattern

Don’t forget that the density of the strings in your racket’s head also plays a role in how your strings and racket play. If your racquet has fewer strings (lower string density) it should be conducive to getting more power and spin on the ball, with a higher density better for shot control.

The strings in our range come from leading manufacturers such as Luxilon, Wilson, Tecnifibre, Head, Dunlop and many other quality brands that constantly work on developing new materials and technologies that can improve their products and meet the needs of different types of players.

Head up this page to start your search for your next tennis string. You can use the filters to narrow down results by brand, string construction type and length. We also sell stringing machines in case you or your club are looking to purchase one.