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Weight Sets

Weight Sets at Sweatband.com

Weight sets are used for toning the upper body and strength building and are a highly practical piece of kit for anyone looking to get an efficient and variable workout at home. The weight sets we sell here at Sweatband.com consist of a barbell bar, dumbbell bars, weight plates and collars, allowing users to create a bar and dumbbells of the weight they desire. Weight sets will include the total weight in the product name – so when it says “50kg weight set” this means that the whole set including the plates, bars and collars comprises 50kg.

Weight sets are very versatile because they let users perform a wide range of free weight drills and alter the weight and intensity of every single one. For example, you can perform single arm reps with a lower weight and then safely, quickly and easily increase the weight for double arm reps. The number of potential exercises that can be done with a weight set is very vast, ensuring you strengthen your upper body comprehensively, plus you can incorporate them into drills that use your core and lower body too, for example squats, lunges and bent-over rows.

These weight sets are an ideal solution for everyone who values variability and safety, and thanks to the range of weight plates included they allow users to increase weight gradually as strength and fitness levels improve. Plus, they are an excellent addition to homes where multiple people will use them as the combination of weight plates can be changed to suit everyone, whether it’s for lighter work with just a few kilos or heavier lifting.

Sweatband.com offers weight sets by brands such as Viavito, York, Adidas and V-Fit, all at discounted and very competitive prices and with FREE UK delivery. So if you want to add some weight to your home workouts then why not consider purchasing a weight set today!