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Eight Reasons To Eat Saturated Fat: They're Not All Bad!

May 5, 2021 1 min read
Eight Reasons to Eat Saturated Fat: They're Not All Bad! Eight Reasons to Eat Saturated Fat: They're Not All Bad!

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    Saturated fat has long been the devil of the diet industry with guru after guru prescribing ‘low fat’ and ‘no fat’ regimes to achieve the dream body.

    But taking these radical steps in order to lose weight puts additional health factors at risk which is why an increasing number of people are recognising that a good diet – whether for weight loss or not – should incorporate some saturates.

    Here’s why:

    1. Saturated fat keeps the heart healthy

    Saturated fat reduces levels of lipoprotein in the body which in turn reduces propensity for heart disease.

    2. Greater weight loss results

    Recent research indicates greater weight loss is achieved with a diet that includes saturated fat. It makes meals more satisfying and curbs cravings making an overall reduced calorie intake easier to stick to.

    3. It loves your liver

    Saturated fat helps the liver by protecting it while it processes alcohol and many common prescription drugs.

    4. It builds your bones

    Calcium needs saturated fat to be successfully incorporated in the bones. Ensuring a good amount of both calcium and saturated fat in the diet will offset osteoporosis.

    5. It lines the lungs

    The airspaces in the lungs have a thin coating made up almost entirely of saturated fatty acids. This is essential for lung function and unsaturated fats simply can’t create a coating as effective.

    6. It boosts your brain

    Your brain is a big ball of fat and cholesterol, the majority of which is saturated fatty acids. Optimal brain function requires saturated fat.

    7. It fights disease

    White blood cells are charged with saturated fatty acids, and if these deplete then your ability to recognise and fight viruses, bacteria and some cancers also diminishes.

    8. It nurtures your nerves

    The body’s nervous system depends on saturated fat to send signals everywhere. Regulation of the metabolism, release of insulin and many other functions require saturated fats.

    So perhaps it’s time to review your diet. An average man should enjoy 30g of saturated fat daily while an average woman should consume 20g. Add to these unsaturated fats to make a total intake of 95g and 70g respectively along with your protein and carbs and the body will function fantastically.

    Offset any calorific overload with exercise and you’ll not only look great from the outside, you’ll feel great within.

    In this article