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Meet the Coach: Isobel Cakebread-Powell

May 5, 2021 2 min read
Meet the Coach: Isobel Cakebread-Powell Meet the Coach: Isobel Cakebread-Powell

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    What is your background in health and fitness?

    I have been teaching fitness since 1993 when I qualified in Miami, FL. I studied performing arts at college, subjects included choreography and contemporary dance, as a child my dad taught me to ski which has become a passion and I pretty much joined every sports team at school because I just wanted to keep moving all the time and sitting still was hard work! I started teaching aerobics in the UK in 1994. Since then I have attained several others qualifications including aqua, Speedo aqua step, step, body conditioning, Body Pump, Cycle Reebok, Boxercise, Khai Bo, Bokwa, Body Vive, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Yoga. I qualified as a P.T in 1998, as a counsellor in 2003 and I became an ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury) instructor having worked with stroke survivors since 2004.

    What do you feel is the most rewarding thing about your career in health and fitness?

    The most rewarding thing for me is helping people reach their goals, whether it be motivating someone new to exercise, rehabilitating from an injury or illness or becoming the athlete they want to be. Every person has a different target which brings fun challenges and I’m always kept on my toes…literally.

    What is your favourite kind of fitness exercise to teach?

    My favourite class to teach is a very tricky question to answer…. I love them all for different reasons. It used to be step because it wasn’t just a workout for my body but for my brain too! It’s a shame it’s not so popular now but I’m hoping for a revival. In the meantime my favourite would have to be anything with a bit of a boogie in it, I love to dance!

    What are the biggest benefits from the classes that you teach?

    I think the biggest benefits from the classes I teach are that people come away feeling good about themselves.

    How important do you see fitness for everyday life?

    Fitness in everyday life is vital, I once heard a saying ‘Movement is medicine’ and that is a motto I strongly believe. Our bodies need to move and oxygenate to function properly.

    What’s the easiest and most enjoyable way for people to get into fitness?

    Speaking from my experiences as a trainer I think the easiest and most enjoyable way for people to get into fitness is to find something that you find fun to do. For some that will be exercising with an instructor for others perhaps they enjoy the solitude of a country walk.

    What are your 3 tips for beginners getting into fitness and exercise?

    My 3 tips would be:

    • Find a reliable training buddy/group/instructor who will keep you motivated even when the going gets tough.
    • Set achievable, small and fun goals so you can actually stick to them and realise when you meet them.
    • Always be proud of any achievement even if you think it’s small….. no matter the size it’s going to be 100% more than nothing.

    What do you see for the future of the fitness of the industry?

    The future of the fitness industry… ooh… before this pandemic I probably would have answered this quite differently thinking that gyms had cornered the market but seeing how people want to have the contact with instructors and they realise that they can still see their friends from the comfort of their own homes I feel online is going to be huge!

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