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Introduction to Racketball

May 12, 2021 2 min read
Introduction to Racketball Introduction to Racketball

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    Racketball is a sport that many people may not have heard of. Played in only a small number of countries, it is usually overshadowed by more famous options, such as squash and the popular American sport, racquetball.

    Originally created in the United Kingdom in 1976 to rival the similarly named US sport, it uses a slightly smaller ball and court, making it somewhat of a middle ground between the two more common options.

    It became an officially recognised sport in 1984, when the British Racketball Association was formed. This then merged with the Squash Rackets Association, who wanted to capitalise on its growing popularity, to form England Squash & Racketball. The United Kingdom is still considered the primary home of racketball and is where the majority of the major tournaments are held.

    Officially, the name was changed from racketball to squash 57 in 2016, to try and differentiate it from the American sport and more closely link it to its partner. However, despite this, many pros, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, as well as even a number of competitions, refuse to recognise the change and continue to refer to it as racketball.

    A sport that is still continuing to grow, many people that look into it can often be put off by its long list of rules or the easier access there is available to both information and equipment for either squash or racquetball.

    That is really quite unfortunate, as it is a fabulous sport on its own merit, as well as one that is perhaps the easiest of the three to pick up for beginners if they are given the opportunity. 

    It is also the reason why I am going to try and help you get a greater understanding of the sport in this article. I will tell you all about the rules, the equipment and everything else you could possibly need to know, to making giving racketball a try for yourself as easy as possible.


    Racketball Rackets

    Racketball rackets are one of the two most important items users must have to play the sport (along with a ball). There are a range of different weights, lengths, widths, and balances available, as well as customisable options such as grips and dampeners. This means it is essential to have your own racket that you feel comfortable with and which matches your skill set for anyone who hopes to be successful in the sport.

    Racketball Bags

    Racketball bags are specifically designed to hold and secure anywhere between one and fifteen rackets. They are perfect for protecting your racket during transport and allow you to keep any additional extras and attachments, such as grips, balls and dampeners, safe from getting lost. They are particularly ideal for anyone who needs to carry multiple rackets, a task that can be quite awkward without a specialist bag.

    Racketball Grips

    Racketball grips are the section on your racket which you hold while you are playing. Players have the option of either playing with the grip their racket comes with, placing a secondary “overgrip” over what is originally there, or replacing the grip entirely. With a wide range of widths, lengths, materials and levels of grip available, ensuring you find one that you are comfortable with and that matches your style of play is essential to your success and development in the sport.

    In this article