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Shop with Confidence: Our Black Friday Price Match Promise

November 9, 2023 1 min read
Shop with Confidence: Our Black Friday Price Match Promise Shop with Confidence: Our Black Friday Price Match Promise

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    As the holiday season approaches, anticipation for Black Friday deals is building. Everyone is on the lookout for the biggest savings and the best offers. But why wait? At Sweatband.com, we believe in giving you the power to shop early without missing out on Black Friday discounts.

    Secure Your Items Early

    Why wait until Black Friday and risk your favourite items selling out? Shop today and secure the products you want, assured in the knowledge that you’re covered if the price drops during our November sales.

    Our Voucher Promise

    Here’s our commitment: if the price on any product you buy now drops during our Black Friday event, we’ll gift you a voucher for the difference. This voucher can be used on any future purchase over the next 6 months. Here's how to make the most of this offer:

    1. Shop Early, Shop Smart: Browse our selection and purchase with the confidence that your chosen items are reserved for you, avoiding any stock shortages.
    2. Monitor the Deals: Keep an eye on our upcoming Black Friday specials.
    3. Price Drop? No Problem: Notice a lower price on items you've bought? Perfect, you're set to save.
    4. Reach Out: Contact our customer service with your order information and the price difference you’ve spotted.
    5. Receive Your Voucher: We’ll confirm the price change and issue a voucher equal to the difference, enhancing your future shopping experience.
    6. Enjoy More Savings Later: Use your voucher within the next 6 months to save on your subsequent purchases.

    Start your stress-free shopping today!

    Don't miss out on our current promotions - take a moment to explore our special offers and find exclusive deals that are available right now:


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