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York Ultimate Folding Exercise Mat

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DKN Tri-Fold Exercise Mat with Handles

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Viavito Tri-Fold Exercise Mat with Handles

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adidas 10mm Fitness Mat

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Reebok 7mm Training Mat

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adidas 7mm Fitness Mat
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adidas 7mm Fitness Mat

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Exercise mats, or training mats, are very versatile pieces of kit that anyone who wants to work out at home should seriously consider purchasing. They are also great for those who exercise in gyms or attend studio classes, improving hygiene and comfort levels. The reason that gym mats are so popular is that they can be used for pretty much anything: stretching, strength exercises, free weights, meditation, yoga, Pilates, warm-ups and cool-downs, and a whole range of other floor exercises.

When searching for a mat, they come in different colours, patterns and designs, with different thicknesses too. This is important to note, with thicker exercise mats providing more support and comfort as you perform your workout drills.

For Yoga practitioners, it’s often necessary to bring your own mat to sessions. So if you’re looking for a Yoga-specific mat then we have a separate section dedicated to them which you’ll find by clicking or tapping the Yoga/Pilates department on the main menu.

If you do want to take yours to the gym, think about an exercise mat that rolls or folds up and comes with a carry strap, bag or handle. For example, there are tri-fold mats that make carrying and storing extremely easy.

Right on this page, you’ll find a good choice of quality exercise mats from leading brands including Reebok, Adidas, Fitness Mad, Viavito and others. And we offer fast delivery which is free on all orders over £15!