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DKN HR Transmitter

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Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

The DKN HR Transmitter is used to transmit your heart rate to your fitness equipment and display it on the screen allowing you to keep on track at all times.

The DKN HR Transmitter is compatible with all uncoded DKN fitness machines. Please note that it is not compatible with DKN spin bikes, the DKN 108 & 410 exercise bikes and machines that require a coded heart rate device.

Our price £24.99
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2021

Key features

  • Transmits heart rate to the equipment
  • Compatible with all uncoded DKN fitness machines
  • Not compatible with DKN spin bikes, the DKN 108 & 410 exercise bikes or coded machines

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Hi, is this HR monitor compatible with the viavito rokai rowing machine?e

Yes. The Rokai is compatible with 5khz open frequency (uncoded) chest belts such as the DKN HR transmitter.

Does this work with the DKN AM-E upright bike?

Yes, the transmitter is compatible with all uncoded DKN fitness machines.

Is the HR transmitter compatible with any wrist watch type monitor

This is an open frequency, uncoded transmitter designed for use with home fitness equipment that's fitted with a wireless receiver. It will work with most home fitness equipment but is unlikely to work with a watch as watches tend to use coded transmitters.

Can I use this with a pacemaker?

If you are using a pacemaker, you can use the DKN HR transmitter. In theory interference to the pacemaker caused by DKN products should not be possible. In practice no reports exist to suggest anyone ever having experienced interference. DKN cannot however issue an official guarantee on their products' suitability with all pacemakers or other implanted devices due to the variety of devices available. If you have any doubts, or if you experience any unusual sensations while using DKN products, please consult your physician or contact the implanted electronic device manufacturer to determine safety in your case.

How does it connect to my DKN -AM 5I EXERCISE BIKE?

Please follow the Instruction: You need to wear the chest strap correctly for accurate monitoring. The two electrodes need to be moistened before they contact your skin. The easiest way to do this is to lick your fingers and then swipe your fingers over the electrodes. Position the strap on your skin and under the chest muscles, but as close to them as possible. Tighten the strap until it fits snug against your chest, but not so tight that it restricts your breathing.

Does the unit require battery power and if so what type of battery does it use?

This product uses a Lithium Battery – CR2032 – 3V, which can be replaced.

Is this compatible with any android fitness apps e.g strava, endemondo etc?

No, this is an uncoded 5 khz transmitter. If you wish to use a chest strap with a mobile device, you'll likely need one that is is a Bluetooth based one.

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DKN HR Transmitter Reviews

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Very good product. Worked straight out of the box. Connected easily to my exercise bike. However, have been unable to connect to my smart watch,which is why I gave it 4 out of 5.

very pleased. works well with our dkn exercise bike.

Great product easy to use

ok works well with bike

syncs with DKM machine easily, I have not tried to sync it to any other device. could go larger for my comfort and smaller so my kids can play with it

Does what it says on the tin.

Great product works straight out of the box, we bought an extra band which is very useful.

Works a treat straight from the off!

An excellent addition to our DKN AM-E exercise bike, so much better than needing to grip the handle bar contact pads (more accurate too I presume) . I was a bit surprised to find that the battery is fully installed (i.e. working) on arrival. With things like this there is often an isolating film or some such that needs to be removed. As a result the monitor has presumably been transmitting ever since it was manufactured? Maybe that's why right from the start (I've had it a couple of weeks now) I've needed to tweak the battery case lid with a coin to get the monitor to 'wake up'? So far that has always done the trick so I've not yet resorted to replacing the battery to see if that makes a difference.

Replaced original that did not work. This one is absolutely fine.

This transmitter synced to my exercise bike without a problem, I didn't need to do anything at all to make it work! After some testing I noticed that the transmitter is much more accurate than the one built into the bike. Another big plus is that I don't need to hold onto the HR points on the bike to get a constant reading. This made riding much more comfortable as it allowed more flexible riding positions depending on speed and resistance. After moderate use for one week I noticed that the transmitter was no longer sending my heart rate to my bike which concerned me highly. I decided to purchase another battery just in case somehow the battery included had depleted and thankfully that was the issue and the transmitter is working to this day. In my opinion the battery should've lasted more than the 5 hours that it did especially as CR2032 aren't the cheapest batteries around. Other than the battery issue though I can't really fault the product as it sends accurate readings to my bike without a problem.

After receiving a non-functioning heart rate transmitter their customer service department quickly sent a replacement which works perfectly on my DKN ecorun. Thanks.

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