Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls View

Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls

The Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls are designed for all type of competitive performances including the most celebrated tennis tournament – Wimbledon. The ball is manufactured from premium woven cloth and with exceptional Tour Core to provide top notch playing properties, excellent feel and superior consistency on the highest level of play. The Hydroguard technology repels water exceptionally in comparison to standard balls, and it has been designed with a patented Ultra Vis dye application process to ensure optimal visibility on all type of courts. This quality tennis ball is approved by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and it is shipped in a single tube featuring 4 balls.

Dunlop Australian Open Tennis Balls View

Dunlop Australian Open Tennis Balls

Used at every Australian open event leading to the finals, the Dunlop Australian Open tennis ball is the official ball of the tournament and it’s designed to the highest standard to ensure maximum playability and feel. The ball offers excellent pressure maintenance, as well as increased visibility on the court with a bright quality-made felt. The ball is played by the best of the best players in the world of tennis, and with HD Core HD Pro cloth, it definitely delivers a significant performance boost. Additionally, it is suitable for multiple, various playing surfaces, and when played for a substantial amount of time, the ball still preserves excellent feel, proper bounce and delivers fantastic shot sensation. The balls are shipped in an AO can which contains four units.

Head Tour Tennis Balls - 1 Dozen View

Head Tour Tennis Balls - 1 Dozen

The Head Tour tennis balls are made using Encore™ technology for long-lasting durability and better spin. The balls feature SmartOptik felt ensuring greater visibility at all times and on every surface. In addition, they are the official balls of many tennis federations, clubs and tournaments. The balls are supplied in a 1-dozen pack (3 x 4 ball cans).

Penn Championship Titanium Tennis Balls - Tube of 3 View

Penn Championship Titanium Tennis Balls - Tube of 3

The Penn Championship Titanium tennis balls offer a natural rubber core for increased durability and optimum playability. Longer-lasting play is ensured by improved core-pressure retention, whereas a thicker grade of felt guarantees reduced wear. These USTA (United States Tennis Association) and ITF (International Tennis Federation) approved tennis balls with an extra-duty felt provide a great combination of consistency and feel. They are the official balls of USTA Leagues and come in a tube of 3.

Sweatband.com Head Team Tennis Balls - Tube of 4 View

Sweatband.com Head Team Tennis Balls - Tube of 4

Designed for beginners and recreational players, the Sweatband.com Head Team tennis balls offer a combination of all-around performance and consistent bounce. These pressurized International Tennis Federation approved balls feature constant high-quality seams and have an exclusive design with Head and Sweatband.com logos. Suitable for all court surfaces, the balls ensure optimum control and good playability. Plus, the felt is made by TexTech Industries for enhanced durability.

Wilson Ultra Club All Court Tennis Balls - Tube of 4 View

Wilson Ultra Club All Court Tennis Balls - Tube of 4

The Wilson Ultra Club all court tennis balls are dedicated for prolonged training sessions and competitive club plays. The balls are suitable for all types of courts and designed with high vision felt to improve playing experience with extra visibility. Furthermore, the balls have been manufactured to last countless training sessions with enhanced durability, and they are approved by the ITF (International Tennis Federation).


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Tennis Balls

There are few sporting sounds as recognisable or as evocative as that of a tennis ball connecting with a racket as the tennis player serves and returns, but the sound is a fairly modern phenomenon as tennis balls began life made with a mixture of ingredients.

Back in the fifteenth century in the days of ‘Real Tennis’, balls were made of wood,  cloth, leather, sheep gut or goat gut and stuffed with sand, soil, chalk, sawdust, human hair and wool – the latter of which was insisted upon by Louis XI. 

No doubt each combination impacted on the performance of the players and the injuries incurred.  Plus, as the balls did not bounce, they had to be kept aloft to sustain the game.

Originally players wore mitts to serve and return, the arrival of rackets – which in truth were more like bats, has been accredited to 16th century monks.

The emergence of lawn tennis in the late 19th century era of manufacturing and mass production brought rubber balls to the game for the first time.  Although still quite heavy they did bounce and brought greater interest, pace and strategy to the game.  It’s no coincidence that at this time tennis became increasingly popular in the UK, USA and Europe for players and spectators.

Little changed until the arrival of vulcanized rubber covered with felt in the 1970s giving the balls greater grip and making them lighter which introduced even greater consistency and excitement.  Back then balls were white, but this was the era of record TV viewings and the growing army of armchair tennis addicts required a ball that was easier to see so the colour yellow was introduced in 1972. 

The most recent innovation is the introduction of pressurized air inside the tennis ball. Those that are pressurised initially give better bounce but this is lost in time and gives a game inconsistency unless ‘new balls’ are brought in after an appropriate time.

Recreational players can pick up tennis balls of any colour, size and pressure at a wide variety of shops and websites but if you’re serious about the game you’re probably best considering a ball that meets the criteria set by the International Tennis Foundation (ITF).

The ITF has three ball categories: Stage 3 (red), Stage 2 (orange) and Stage 1 (green) each on relating to the experience and ability of the player.  Each stage adheres to strict guidelines on size, mass, rebound height and forward deformation.  The ITF publishes a list of all tennis balls approved for each stage and good retailers will specify whether the balls they’re selling are ITF approved and also which stage category they fall into.

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