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V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench

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The V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench (inc. Leg Lift, Fly, Squats, Preacher Pad, Lat Tower) is a top of the range bench which improves on its previous model with a Preacher Pad and Lat Tower to extend your training possibilities. It has a sturdy steel frame trainer with deep padded seats and backrest for comfortable training. The bench also includes a walk-in squat rack, removable pec dec, bench press, leg extension and crunch/sit-ups.

Our price £127.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Exercise Stations: Bench Press, Leg Extension - Locking, 3-Position Height Adjustment, Pec Dec - removeable, Walk-in Squat Rack - 4 Position Height Adjustment, Preacher Pad - 3 Position Height Adjustment, Lat Tower - 2 Position Adjustment (Front and Back lat Pulldowns), Crunches / Sit-ups
  • Frame: Combination 38mm & 33mm Square Tubular Steel main Frame.
  • Frame Finish: Chip resistant, Black Hammertone Epoxy Powder Coated frame.
  • Seats and Backrest: Cloth Backed, Deep Padded Vinyl Covered Seat & Backrest with Screen printed V-fit.
  • Adjustment: Flat and Three Backrest Incline Angles.
  • Grips and Rollers: Expanded Foam Grips and Leg Rollers.
  • Max. Weight Loadings: Barbell Stands 120kg (264.5lbs), Squat Rack 100kg (220.4lbs), Leg extention and Pec Dec 25kg (55.1lbs).
  • Assembled Size: Length= 160cm (63”), Width=107cm (42.1”), Height=205cm (80.7”)
  • Product Weight: 32kg (70.5lbs)- LFSPT Version.
  • Max. User Weight: 110Kg (242.5lbs)
  • Compatible with 5ft (152.4cm) standard 1” (25.4mm) bars
  • Warranty: 12 months

Product Questions and Answers (7)

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Would this product fit a larger person of 6ft 5 in height?

We recommend to invest in something bigger that will ensure safety of usage with this height.

Are you able to perform cable curls with the cable attatchment?

Yes, it is possible. You have both the cable pull down attachment and the preacher curl attachment to train your arms.

Does it come with weights and bars??

The V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench doesn't come with weight and bars. However please contact our sales department and they will devise a deal for you. sales@sweatband.com / Tel: 0845 643 6408

Can you use a 6ft olympic bar with this product?

Unfortunately it is not possible. This product is compatible with 5ft (152.4cm) standard 1” (25.4mm) bars.

Is there a bicep curl attachment to this bench, which can be bought separately?

It comes with a preacher pad which enables you to do a bicep curl (it is an attachment).

What is the maximum total weight including the user and the weights on this bench?

Barbell Stands 90kg (200kg including User Body Weight) - Leg Extension 35kg - Pec Dec 20kg - Squat Rack 80kg - Lat Tower 40kg – TOTAL WEIGHT LOADING 200kg.

How long does it take to arrive if I order it?

When showing as 'in stock', this item is delivered to you FREE of charge using a next day delivery service to all postcodes in mainland England Wales and Scotland (excludes Highlands and Islands).

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V-Fit STB/09-4 Folding Weight Training Bench Reviews

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Builds up pretty easily in around 2 hours (don't bother with the included tools - you will need sockets & spanners). The instructions are actually very good!! Didn't use the Pec Dec attachment as it seemed it would clutter an already cramped amount of space & loose weights are more effective anyway. All is pretty solid once bolted up tight and for the amount of weight I want to use it's a very good budget training bench. Quality of the parts is good just don't expect fine quality engineering tolerances at this price point! Squats rack is good height for me at 5'9" on its lowest setting. The Lat Tower works fine and again is a good height for me on its middle setting. Both could accommodate someone 2"-3" taller. The leg press attachment is the best I have seen on a budget weight bench & is nicely adjustable. Not sure that the seat & bench would necessarily suit anyone much taller than me though as it is pretty short in this department. If you remove all of the front end stuff (leg press, lat tower, Preacher Pad) you get a bit more length but this is the one thing I would point to as a potential criticism for anyone nearer to the 6 foot mark. Haven't bothered with folding it up but that seems pretty straightforward once you undo a couple of bolts it looks as though it would be space friendly. Sweatband price was the best I could find and at £114.99 delivered, I would say that this is a real bargain. Would certainly buy again which is always the acid test.

I got these today and I must say.. its a good buy for a bench and with an added bonus of a squat rack and all other equipments. Great buy and well worth for the money paid. HOWEVER!!! the front bit seems to woble a lil bit and tower is sumwhat stable and the preacher curl attachment has one BIG DESIGN FLAW. There is nothing which will hold the weight on the other side. I mean what are we supposed to do? drop the weights on the floor when we get tired??? plus the pecdec attachment is an absolute waste of space. (dumbell fly do way better job) the rear end keeps on getting caught on the main frame. and you are limited to about 40kg on the lat tower.. kinda shame for pull ups and back work out but will work just fine for triceps workouts.

This is a fantastic bench, comes with everything you need, also its very versatile... great buy.

is very good bench it has lot of difrent possitens that you can do if you want. I am use with mostly upper body and it is very good for me.

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