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Viavito FT100X 4ft Folding Football Table

Our price £99.99
Availability: in stock!

Enjoy endless hours of fun with the Viavito FT100X folding football table. Featuring telescopic rods for added safety and robust enough to survive intense play this great little football table is an ideal addition to any family home. Choose to be blacks or reds and keep an eye on the scores with the built-in score counters (no cheating!) in the intense heat of the match. Raised corners guarantee non-stop action until the ball hits the back of the net. Pass sideways, flick forward to your strikers and smash the ball home to hear that satisfying 'wallop' as the ball flies past the keeper to confirm your status as all-conquering champion of the world! The table also comes with 2 balls for a quick re-start between goals to keep the action going so there's no rest for the opposition.The FT100X doesn't just play great, with its carbon effect finish it looks great too and folds away vertically on its legs for quick and easy storage when you need to take a break from the action and get your breath back.

Our price £99.99
Availability: in stock!



Bring the game home with this elegant Italian style football table! Made of durable MDF (medium density fiberboard) with ABS (acrylonitrile-butadlene-styrene) fortified side walls, the football table offers ultimate entertainment for adults and children alike during recreational home tournaments. Ergonomic construction of the football table helps to fully focus on the game. Play hard and be sure that the FT100X will serve you for a long time.



Designed with convenience in mind, the FT100X football table will deliver a touch of excitement right into your house. Featuring sleek telescopic chrome rods and smooth finish playfield surface, this table game set guarantees precise, fast-shooting actions and endless hours of fun. Raised corners of the playfield keep the ball in the game and ensure the fun never stops. Rubber grooved handles, practical pitch lines and wedge-shaped feet of the players enable better control and confident moves, whereas built-in score counters guarantee that there wil be no cheating!



This compact football table allows you to play the game comfortably at your home and fold it away quickly after the entertainment. Do not worry that your place is too small, the FT100X is built for a quick and easy storage, so it will fit even in tight rooms. Choose a foldable football table and make the most of your space!



To not waste your time, the football table comes partially assembled in the box. With easy assembly steps described in the manual you will be able to start the game and work on your technique in no time! The FT100X set includes 2 football table balls and 2 teams of players (black and red), each consisting of 11 members in a finely balanced 1-3-4-3 formation pre-installed on the rods.



With this beautifully designed recreational football table you can get the whole family active. Perfect to reduce children’s screen-time, the portable FT100X will not only bring loads of fun to the house, but also relieve stress, boost your brain and improve eye-hand coordination. It doesn't just play great, it also helps to create closer family bonds and develop healthy competition skills.

Key features

  • Sturdy, elegant, modern-looking 4ft football table
  • Made to last and withstand some serious play
  • Action packed game for adults and children alike
  • Easy grip player rods for precise control
  • Folds easily for convenient storage when not in use
  • Playing field: 5mm MDF with raised corners
  • Side Walls: 12mm MDF with PVC
  • Play Rod: Φ13mm telescopic rod with chromium
  • Player: Red and black players (1-3-4-3), ABS plastic
  • Scorers: Red and black plastic scorers
  • Legs: 12mm MDF legs with leg levellers
  • Ball insert on each side wall
  • Ball return at both ends
  • Accessories: 2 x soccer ball (Φ36mm)
  • Dimensions: Length=121cm (47.6"), Width=61cm (24"), Height=80cm (31.5”)
  • Dimensions (Folded): Length=45cm (17.7"), Width=61cm (24"), Height=155.8cm (61.3")
  • Product Weight: 23.5kg (51.8lbs)
  • Warranty: 6 months


Viavito FT100X 4ft Folding Football Table - User Manual

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How deep is it? It looks as if it would be difficult to squeeze into a tight place.

The dimensions of this football table are listed in the key features section on this page. Make sure that there’s enough free space on both sides of the table for you to stand and move the telescopic player rods comfortably.

How long does it take to put together?

It takes around 30 minutes to assemble the product, watch the Assembly Video for further information/help -

Is the table sturdy?

Yes, the table is sturdy and designed to withstand some serious play.

Is it easy to fold away?

Yes, it folds easily for convenient storage. the table can be folded away in a few simple steps. First, unscrew the two pins (one on each side) that are above the main legs with the cross bar. Carefully lift up the other end of the table so it is in a vertical position. Screw the two pins back into their holes to secure the table in place. Then unscrew the two pins for the other legs, fold the legs into the underneath of the table, and then screw these pins back into their holes.

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Gave the kids one of these as an early Christmas present. It was worth every penny!

Good quality, well built, arrived on time. Good for small kids and big kids alike. This has easily been the kids favourite pastime over the last few weeks and the adults haven’t been shy about joining in either! Good table at a very reasonable price.

This table has brought a lot of joy to my twin grandchildren. They love it.

Great fun for all the family with hours of fun and easy to fold away for space.

It takes a lot to put together. Once up a first rate table.

good value. Complicated construction, but detailed instructions.Enjoyed greatly by grandson and his friends

Excellent value for money. The build quality is very good, the table is solid and doesn't move around unlike some tables.

I purchased two tables for my son's tournament, they arrived on time. The packaging was flimsy on both with one damaged. The plastic goal catcher was snapped in two, obviously in transit. One of the rail supports was also malformed. Spoke directly to the manufacturer who sent me two of the supports but not the goal catcher even though I mentioned on two different emails, luckily I was able to glue and tape the broken one in time for my son's games. I still have not received the replacement part. The tables themselves are quite well made and sturdy and did a good job. I would be nice if they didn't travel when played on a smooth floor. It would be better if the legs had rubber feet and also they should be adjustable for levelling. I would say they are good value for money and I would be happy to recommend them but I do think that the packaging should be improved.

The table came flat-packed, but was simple to assemble. Build quality is ok (good for the price) but the legs could be stronger, and the playing surface flatter. The ball has a tendancy to roll to the edges. The table was bought for my 10yr old son to have a bit of fun with his mates, and it it certainly fulfils that. The vertical storage mechanism is very clever - really easy for one person to put it in the upright position due to the way it pivots on the main set of legs. In hindsight, I wish I'd paid a bit more for something with a bit better build quality - maybe next time :)

Great fun! Easy to put together and fold away! Good value for money :)

Tidy table. Plays OK and is great for the kids. Marking down 1 star as I feel it could be a bit heavier to stop it moving around so much. Good delivery experience and priced really well.

The table is perfect for keeping the kids entertained. Didn't have much fun putting it together on my own though. Would strongly recommend getting someone to help you with this. Instructions weren't brilliant. Other than that it's a good table and seems well built.

We got this for our games room as we already have the viavito PT200 pool table and this was a nice addition. It hasn't been used a great deal as we have only had it a week but it seems solid enough and it's certainly a lot of fun. Only negative is that it moves around a bit during a game as it's quite light. Still it's a lot of fun and it's not expensive so not going to mark it down for that.

Delivery 5/5. Quality 5/5. Service 5/5 Highly recommended all round.

Recently got one of these and my son can't stop playing. Great fun for him and his friends and even I've had a few goes on it. Super handy that it can be folded away when finished with to save on space. Great value.

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