Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table  
Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table - Standing  
Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table - Alternative View  
Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table - Front View  
Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table - Corner View  
Viavito PT100X Pool Table - Assembly Video  

Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table

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The Viavito PT100X is a stylish 5ft folding pool table that is solid and stable and plays excellently, and can then be folded away and stored more easily. This makes the PT100X an excellent choice when space is limited but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the table, your play and your enjoyment. What’s more, the pool table’s beautiful and classic styling ensures that it will more than look the part in all homes and games rooms. It has been made to last and will endure serious play whilst also being suitable for fun with friends and family. The surface plays very well and ball rebound is excellent on this 5ft (152cm) long table. When not in use you can simply fold it upright for space-efficient storage. The PT100X comes with all the accessories you need to get started and play including cues, balls, chalk, a triangle and a brush.

Our price £199.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Stable and solid 5ft pool table
  • Classic, elegant styling
  • Playing Surface: 12mm MDF with polyester velvet cloth
  • Made to last and withstand some serious play
  • Provides hours of fun for families and friends
  • Excellent ball rebound
  • Folds easily for convenient storage when not in use
  • Corners: ABS with black plastic
  • Legs: 15mm MDF with PVC
  • Pocket: Drop pocket
  • Playing Surface Dimensions: Length=135cm (53.1”), Width=63.5cm (25”)
  • Dimensions: Length=152cm (59.8”), Width=76cm (29.9”), Height=78cm (30.7”)
  • Dimensions (Folded): Length=48cm (18.9"), Width=76.5cm (30.1"), Height=193cm (75.9")
  • Product Weight: 40kg (88.2lbs)
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • 2 x 48” (121.9cm) cue
  • 1 x set of 1 7/8" (47mm) balls
  • 2 x chalk
  • 1 x triangle
  • 1 x plastic brush


Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table - User Manual

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What size are the balls?

The balls included with this table are size 1 7/8" (47mm).

What size room do you need for this table please?

To use the table comfortably, the room should be at least 2.7-3 m x 2.2-2.5 m or bigger

When the table is folded down can it be moved easily by one or two people? I.e.does it have wheels?

The table weighs 40 kg so it can be easily moved by two people or one stronger person. It does not have wheels but can be lifted to move it.

What is the depth of the folded table? So the dimensions of the legs that the folded table stand on? I want to work out where I can store it.

When folded the dimensions are: 48cm (18.9") - length, 76.5cm (30.1") - width, 193cm (75.9") - height.

Does it come with balls and cues?

Yes, the PT100X comes with all the accessories you need to get started and play including 2 cues, a set of balls, chalk, a triangle and a brush.

Hi is this simple/easy to assemble?

Yes, and it takes around 20 minutes to assemble. Watch the assembly video on YouTube for further information -

What is the size of the playing surface?

Playing Surface Dimensions are: Length=135cm (53.1”), Width=63.5cm (25”).

Is it easy to fold down and put back up does it require more than one person to do this ? Thanks

Folding and unfolding the table is easy to do and can be done by one person, although we recommend two people do it. Simply unscrew the knobs on each leg (4 in total, 2 on each side), lift the table up or lower it down and then secure the knobs again.

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Viavito PT100X 5ft Folding Pool Table Reviews

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Amazing!! I've been looking for a pool table for a while and came across this one. Its great for the whole family and loads of fun.

Did quite a bit of research and no regrets so far with this 5ft table. Looks sturdy, perfect size for the kids and still enjoyable for adults as well. I'm told it was easy to put together. We haven't tried the folding mechanism yet as it's been in constant use by all the family since our boys (9&7) received it on Christmas morning. Didn't have high expectations about the responsiveness of cushions etc. at this price. Anything that gets them away from the screens is a good thing. If you're thinking of getting a table and have the space then this is a great value buy (and I found an online discount code somewhere).

Great quality table for my 9 year old son. Easy to fold and store although fairly heavy to move. Delivery was very fast. I'm happy with the purchase.

It is quiet easy to put together - I used the you tube guide and my sone loves it. It is pretty solid and the balls a decent weight. Cushions lack a bit of bounce but then it is only my front room and not the crucible. Cant comment on the folding system - looks a bit more complicated than others but we just leave it in a small space behind the couch when not being used. For the price you can't really go wrong.

Great value for money and perfect size. Love that I can fold it and move it to the side although this is a two person job as a little heavy and awkward

Great value

Easy to put together and nice and sturdy. Enjoyed by all the family. Limited response from the surface and cushions, and after a month of playing a few games every day I'm already seeing some light wear on the baize in the break-off area. However, still good for the price paid - did some research before buying this and anything better would probably cost nearly double. Table is in daily use so far so haven't yet tried the folding mechanism

Good value for money and fairly sturdy. A good first pool table for kids. Don’t think it’s construction will last for years but our children love it.

Good value for money. Great first pool table for young kids. Fairly stable. Enjoyable for adults too!

This was bought as a Christmas present for our 8 year old son. It came well packed and was easy to assemble (2 people needed). When we unpacked it we noticed a bump on the play surface and this was promptly rectified by the supplier. A new table was sent out to us and this was perfect. Overall, very well received by our son and by the rest of the family too! We play pool every day and have not used the folding mechanism yet so cannot comment.

Brilliant product, great quality and so much fun. Our 11 and 8 year olds play almost every day on it. Not folded it away yet.

Very nice kids Love playing on the pool table

Bought for my son who is 9 for xmas and I have to say what an amazing product. Defiantly worth every penny. When I had to contact sweatband the customer services lady was extremely helpful

The kids are enjoying the pool table will not stop to eat or drink

Absolutely awesome! We bought this as a birthday present for our ten year old son. This is a great size pool table for the whole family to enjoy using.

Great table, just a shame the cues didn't come with tips

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