Yonex SHB 87EX Mens Badminton Shoes SS15  

Yonex SHB 87EX Mens Badminton Shoes

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The Yonex SHB 87EX men’s badminton shoes are strong, light shoes made to enhance your on-court performance. The 3-layer Power Cushion not only absorbs 30% more shocks but it also uses more of this energy to propel you forwards, allowing quicker footwork. The ToughBrid Light system reduces stress on legs and knees and the comfortable EVA midsole has a custom-fit Power Cushion insole for a better fit. The Polyurethane leather upper is strong thanks to the Tough Guard™ III design that also makes it heat resistant. Quattro Fit ensures a better fit and more stability and the Lateral Shell improves footwork response and prevents sliding. The non-marking Hexagrip rubber outsole is light and very grippy, and it boasts Round Sole for quicker and smoother footwork and Winding channel technology that supports rapid sideways movements.

Our price £55.99
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Availability: Please choose shoe size for stock availability information

Key features

  • Polyurethane leather with polyester mesh
  • Tough Guard™ III three times stronger than synthetic leather and resistant against heat
  • Quattro Fit reducing excess space for added stability
  • Lateral Shell increasing footwork response and preventing sliding
  • 30% more shock absorption with 3-layer Power Cushion™ enhancing energy transfer for more cushioning
  • ToughBrid Light reducing leg and knee stress
  • Solid EVA midsole
  • Custom fit Power Cushion insole for tight yet comfortable fit
  • 20% lighter Hexagrip rubber outsole providing great grip and cushioning
  • Round Sole providing quick and smooth footwork
  • Winding channel supporting sudden sideways movements
  • Non-marking outsole


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