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5 Ways To Make Fitness Fun And Get More Out Of Your Exercise Sessions

May 5, 2021 2 min read
5 Ways To Make Fitness Fun And Get More Out Of Your Exercise Sessions 5 Ways To Make Fitness Fun And Get More Out Of Your Exercise Sessions

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    For many the very idea of exercise is already hard work. But it doesn’t have to be – you can make fitness fun! What’s mroe, by adding a little fun you can maximise motivation, increase staying power, get the most out of your exercise sessions and your training equipment, and create commitment in ways you never thought possible. All it takes is a little creativity and craziness.

    1. Pop a personality on your punch bag

    Whether it’s Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan we all have a celeb we love to hate and you can add power to your punch by sticking a print out of their face on a punch bag. Laminate it to make it durable enough to go a few rounds if you can.

    As well as enthusing you to punch harder it can increase your accuracy. We reckon it would make a great live Facebook post too – you’re bound to get lots of encouragement!

    2. Fartlek with the family

    Fartlek training is a style of running that varies speed and distance and is a fantastic way to train your heart, burn fat and ultimately build endurance.

    Pop on your trainers and head to a place with lots of relatively close landmarks and some hills. Then take it in turns to nominate a destination and a speed e.g. “run to that tree”, “power walk to the top of the hill”, “jog around the bench ten times”.

    Try to devote at least half an hour to the activity and wear your fit kit – you’ll be surprised how easily and quickly you ccan make fitness fun, how many steps you take and you should get some great data on your heart rate.

    3. Challenge your chums to make fitness fun

    See if you’re the ultimate planker of your friendship group by setting a weekly challenge to see who can hold a plank the longest every Monday. Devote the rest of the week to Pilates exercises on a swiss ball and see if you improve your form and capacity to sustain a plank as the weeks go by.

    Set up a WhatsApp group to share videos, pictures and banter.

    Each week add extra challenges by balancing different household objects on the small of your back and award prizes for the longest hold and most inventive objects!

    4. Host a Back Garden Boot Camp

    With a few kettlebells, mats, an agility ladder, a step, marker cones and hurdles you can easily set up an outdoor circuit class at home.

    Take it in turns to be Sergeant Major, shouting at your soldiers in training as they complete the challenges you set – but don’t be too mean because you know what they say about payback!

    5. Leap out of your comfort zone

    Whatever your level of fitness the chances are you’re in a bit of a rut, using the same kit, attending the same classes, visiting the same park.

    So spice up your exercise with a little variety by trying something new at least once a month, treat yourself to some new equipment be it a new pair of trainers, a fitness accessory you’ve never used before – you never know you might find a new form of exercise that will make fitness fun and that you want to stick with for the long term.

    In this article