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Fat Burners Buying Guide

June 22, 2021 1 min read
Fat Burners Buying Guide Fat Burners Buying Guide

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    Losing weight can be hard. Even with a calorie deficit and a great training regime, many people find it hard to sustain a healthy weight loss.

    Fat burners can be a real asset in your weight loss journey. They are natural and safe, and evidence indicates they have a key role in helping us to shift extra weight.

    We have a wide range of fat burners, including evidence-backed L-carnitine, natural green tea extracts and more. Choose from tablets, powders or liquids, and boost your fat-burning, naturally. 

    How do fat burners work?

    Fat burners aid weight loss in a number of different ways. Some of them help to reduce your appetite to prevent overeating, whereas other forms increase your resting metabolic rate, or encourage fat to be used as energy. 

    What are the benefits of fat burners?


    This naturally occurring amino acid encourages fat utilization for energy use.

    Thermogenic powder

    Thermogenic powders stimulate adrenaline production which releases fatty acids from fat cells ready to be used up as energy. This can increase overall energy expenditure and support your weight loss goals. 

    Natural extracts

    Green tea and natural caffeine sources can increase your resting metabolic rate by around 15%. Additionally, caffeine has been shown to promote fat burning in lean individuals.

    In this article