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Grab Your Mat And Become A Yogi - 7 Top Benefits Of Yoga

May 5, 2021 2 min read
Grab Your Mat and Become a Yogi – 7 Top Benefits of Yoga Grab Your Mat and Become a Yogi – 7 Top Benefits of Yoga

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    Yoga is a discipline so old no one knows exactly when or where it started. But over 10,000 years on it has millions of devotees worldwide. People all over the world practise it in it many forms…hot, vinyasa flow, dynamic, yin, yang, shadow, ashtanga, Iyengar, and so many more.

    Join the fastest-growing health discipline today and in a short time you’ll benefit in seven amazing ways.

    1. Makes you flexible

    Yoga postures take your body through a greater range of motion than a post-workout stretch. Collectively they take every joint through a full and functional range which helps to realign the body and improve performance in other sports and fitness disciplines.

    2. Improves your posture

    The majority of Yoga postures build strength, flexibility and space in the spine. As they do so, the muscles that support the back are strengthened so a longer, stronger back typically results.
    This delivers a lift from the belly region which opens the lower ribs and helps the shoulders drop into the back so you stand taller.

    3. Relieves Stress

    Practising Yoga postures and breathing techniques all help to calm and focus the mind. As the breath softens, deepens and slows down, the body and mind happily follow this and muscular tension and mental stress are released. Each class will feature a meditative relaxation at the end whereby you take advantage of the extended muscles, open joints and fuller breathing to really relax your body and mind. No wonder yogis report low levels of stress.

    4. Aids better sleep

    Yoga is the best meditation - Dalai Lama

    If you have trouble sleeping, practising some simple Yoga postures and breathing techniques can help you drift off easily and sleep very soundly. Relaxed, supine and passive poses work well as the heart rate remains low and the body surrenders to gravity. Breathing fully through the nose from the pit of the belly to the top of the chest as you lie in bed will help you relax, as will counting breaths or chanting.

    5. Improves mental clarity

    Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured - B. K. S. Iyengar

    Yoga is about being in the present moment and the mind’s ability to focus on posture and breathing takes the participant away from the baggage of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, bringing great clarity to the mind. Regular practise brings faster reaction times, better memory, improved problem-solving and in some cases a higher IQ.

    6. Gives you a great detox

    As well as working on the musculoskeletal system Yoga stimulates all the vital organs. Twisting poses in particular stimulate the digestive system and aid better digestion. Other sequences help the lymphatic system to fight infection by removing toxins from the body.

    7. Makes you happy

    Countless studies have shown that regular practice lifts depression. Yoga increases serotonin levels, takes away toxins that can make you feel low and brings the mind into the present so you’re less concerned with the worries of the future.

    In this article