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Gym Ball Benefits & Buying Guide

May 15, 2021 3 min read
Gym Ball Benefits & Buying Guide Gym Ball Benefits & Buying Guide

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    Gym Balls are a great addition to your home workout routine. They are easily integrated into your activity of choice, whether that's yoga, Pilates or even rehabbing from an injury. You can even switch out your office chair for a gym ball, transforming your time sitting into a beneficial core strengthening activity.

    Here at Sweatband, we host a range of gym balls, and we understand it can be tricky to choose, so use the guide below to help you pick the right gym ball for you.

    What are the benefits of gym balls?

    Stability and balance

    Even the act of sitting on a gym ball requires your stabilising muscles to work hard to keep you still, this means you are benefiting even when sitting down. Regularly using a gym ball also promotes your balance, which can help you in other sports and activities.


    We often rely on the support of a chair to keep us upright, which can leave us with weak muscles and poor posture. However, when we spend time using a gym ball we are forced to sit up straight, which lengthens our spine and activates our core for better posture in daily life.


    You can keep a gym ball easily at home- by deflating it when it is not in use, it will take up very little space - making it an accessible aid to your exercise plan.


    You can use a gym ball in a number of different ways. You can integrate gym ball exercises into your Pilates or yoga routines,  or use your ball independently to improve your strength and balance. Even sitting on your ball whilst watching TV can be beneficial. 

    Core strength

    Using your gym ball is an easy way to increase your core strength on a daily basis. Good core strength is essential for moving in a healthy way, protecting your lower back, and for exercises such as Pilates.

    Low impact

    By using your gym ball you are reducing any impact on your joints, this means it is a safe low impact activity that doesn’t strain your body. It is ideal for any age or ability.

    Full-body workout

    A gym ball allows you to target different parts of the body, including your core, your glutes, and your arms- making it an effective full-body workout. 

    Strength training

    With the support of your gym ball, you can get more out of your strength training. You should try positions such as jackknifes, decline push-ups and wall squats to challenge yourself and build your strength.


    • 30cm
      As a general rule, remember that the smaller the ball, the harder the challenge. This is a good option if you have experience with other gym balls, or you want to push yourself.
    • 45cm
      This size of this ball is great for people with a height of 4’8 or under.
    • 55cm
      Ideal if you are between 4’8-5’3
    • 65cm
      Choose this for a height of 5’4 to 5’10
    • 75cm
      Great for taller people- and if you want to make life easier by starting with a larger ball. 

    Inflation pump

    An inflation pump will save your lungs the effort of inflating your ball; instead, the pump will do the work for you making it easy to both inflate and deflate your ball as required. 

    Other things to consider:


    Choosing the appropriate size for your needs will make a big difference to your experience of using a gym ball so make sure you pick the right one for your height and strength. 


    A smooth ball will be comfortable to use so bear this in mind when choosing yours. 


    Picking a bold and bright colour can make working out more appealing.


    Many new gym balls can be easily recycled when you have finished with them. Check the label to make sure this is an option.


    If your product has a 14-day money-back guarantee then you can make sure you are 100% happy with your choice. 

    Your budget

    Most gym balls are very affordable, making them a pocket-friendly workout choice. Remember that by buying the best quality you can afford your product will likely last longer. 

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