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Racket Dampener Benefits & Buying Guide

May 12, 2021 3 min read
Racket Dampener Benefits & Buying Guide Racket Dampener Benefits & Buying Guide

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    While racket sports aren’t usually considered to be among the most physically demanding, at least in terms of the impact they have on your body, compared to something like rugby, they can still give you quite a beating if you play them regularly or for a long duration.

    This is particularly true of anyone who plays them at a high level, where even a small drop off can be the difference between winning and losing a match. As you can imagine, that leaves players seeking any slight advantage they can get to help take the strain off of their body and improve their game.

    One such option to help you achieve this is an item known as a racket dampener. Designed to both improve the feel of your game and reduce the impact it has on your body, as well as allowing you to customise your racket, it is a great little product, that is regularly available for a very low price.

    With a great range of different types, styles and materials available, it can be a little confusing to know what the best option to go for is if you are only just hearing about them. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at racket dampeners and hopefully help you decide on the right one for you.

    Benefits Of Racket Dampeners

    Racket dampeners are primarily designed to stop the vibrations caused by striking a ball from transferring into the racket frame and then the user’s hand. This both makes it more comfortable to play, especially for long periods, as well as reducing some of the sound, which can help you to focus.

    Types Of Racket Dampeners


    Button dampeners are the most popular variety. They are small, easy to install and come in a range of colours and styles, making them ideal for all types of user. They are particularly popular among pro level players, for their incredible versatility and specificity.


    The less common worm dampeners are larger and more difficult to install. They are designed to cover the most frequently used strings and are better suited to players with a specific issue they are trying to overcome or who simply want to slightly reduce the overall vibrations.


    Rubber dampeners absorb a great amount of the vibration, making them the most effective variety. However, over time they will stretch and eventually become unusable.


    Silicone dampeners do a similar job to the rubber variety however they are a little more hardy. This means while they won’t absorb quite as much of the vibration, they will last a lot longer.

    Things To Consider


    Material determines the amount of the vibration that is absorbed, as well as how long the product will last. Determining which of these is more important to you will dictate which one you should choose.

    Weight Of The Racket

    The weight of your racket will affect the overall level of vibration you feel every time you hit a ball. Keep this in mind while deciding how much of the vibration you are hoping to be absorbed.

    Balance Of The Racket

    The balance of a racket will determine whether it is classified as having a light, medium or heavy head. Each of these options produces different levels of vibrations, so keep this in mind when determining how much you require your dampener to be able to absorb.


    Much like the weight or balance of a racket, the length will play a huge role in determining the overall level of vibration in your racket. Bear this in mind when determining how much of the vibration you need your dampener to absorb.


    Dampeners come in a wide variety of colours and designs. They can be just as much of a decorative item as an effective one, so make sure you select one that suits your own personal style.

    Your Budget

    Racket dampeners are generally an inexpensive option, so price shouldn’t be an issue regardless of your budget. That said, if you are still unsure about using them, perhaps go for the cheapest option at first, to see how you get on.

    Racket Dampener Maintenance

    There is no real maintenance you can do on a racket dampener. It is a product with a limited lifespan that is going to wear out with frequent use. All you can do is keep it clean and ensure it is correctly attached, to ensure it is effective and attractive for the life of the product.

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