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The Two-arm Kettlebell Row

May 5, 2021 2 min read
The Two-arm Kettlebell Row The Two-arm Kettlebell Row

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    The Two-arm Kettlebell Row

    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Muscles strengthened: Back, Arms, Shoulders
    • Target: 3 sets of 12 reps

    What you need to know

    This is a great exercise for the upper back, the arms and the shoulders, and relative to most other kettlebell exercises it’s fairly static. The Two-arm Kettlebell Row features a controlled and contained movement.

    As a result, it’s exclusively a toning and strengthening exercise and as such should only be performed as part of a workout when the body has been thoroughly warmed-up.

    And because you hold a squat position while you’re lifting and lowering the kettlebell, the glutes and thighs are engaged throughout.

    We recommend three sets of twelve reps three times a week using a weight which makes the last couple of reps of each set of twelve only just manageable. On the first few occasions experiment to find out which weight presents you with a challenge but doesn’t take you beyond your limits.

    After one month you should be able to manage a 10% increase in kettlebell weight.

    What you need to do

    Set the heels under the hips and turn the knees and toes outwards. Pick up the kettlebell by bending the knees and holding it in both hands with the palms facing downwards.

    Lift the kettlebell by extending the knees slightly and keeping the arms long. The hands should be positioned between the knees.

    Ensure your feet are grounded heel to toe, your back is extended and tilted forward and your core abdominal muscles are engaged. Your legs and back are strong and static throughout this exercise.

    Draw the kettlebell towards the body by rotating the shoulder blades towards one another and lifting and bending the elbows.

    At the highest point the hands should lightly connect with the bottom of the ribs and the elbows should be above the ribs. Exhale through the mouth as you to this.

    Return to the start position by rotating the shoulders downwards and extend the arms. Inhale through the nose as you do this.

    Repeat twelve times for each set of three then return the kettlebell to the floor by bending your knees.

    Tips and Pointers

    • Don’t rush this exercise, take your time lifting and lowering the kettlebell to ensure quality and controlled movements.
    • What stays still is as important as what moves… keep the feet connected with the floor, the legs bent, the back long and the torso tilted forward. Use a mirror to ensure this is the case.
    • Keep your elbows soft, when you extend your arms don’t lock out the joints, think instead about lengthening through the eye of the elbow. Doing so will protect your joints and engage the triceps a little more.

    If you need some equipment to get started then check out the range of kettlebells in our online shop: Kettlebells

    Good luck!

    In this article