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The ultimate treadmill walking routine for your everyday

October 21, 2021 4 min read
Treadmill walking routine Treadmill walking routine

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    Treadmills are becoming more popular than ever. And for good reason, they’re incredibly versatile and offer a number of different ways to work out. But while most would associate them with helping with running, treadmills are a great way to increase your step count — and really challenge yourself with walking workouts. So here are 3 great walking routines to get your body moving every day.

    Picking the right treadmill walking routine for you 

    Treadmills can really switch up and add some variation into your everyday walking — helping you to get your steps in whatever the weather. These three routines can be used throughout the week or rolled into your everyday workout routine. The routines increase in intensity, with the first being suitable for everyday use and options 2 & 3 being used strategically in combination with other workouts. 

    Routine 1: Your everyday routine 

    1. Start with a steady pace between 2-4km/hr at your baseline incline. 
    2. After 5 minutes, increase the pace and incline to your liking. Your heart rate should increase but you should still be able to hold a conversation. 
    3. Maintain this pace and incline for 30+ minutes. We recommend sticking on a podcast, watching your favourite show or listening to music — they can help pass the time and often encourage you to walk further without noticing. 
    4. Finish with a cool down, at the same pace and incline you began with - 2-4km/hr for 2 minutes. 

    Routine 2: Feeling the burn 

    1. Begin at 0% incline at between 2-4km/hr for 5 minutes. 
    2. Next, depending on how intense you want your treadmill workout to be, increase incline to a point that you can walk without holding on to the handlebars (between 5 & 12%). 
    3. Maintain the incline while changing the pace every 2 minutes — switching from 2km faster than your base pace, then back down to your base pace for 2 minutes to recover.
    4. Repeat this 6 times — totalling 30 minutes. 
    5. Cool down with 5 minutes at your starting incline (0%) at your base pace. 

    Routine 3: Hiking up the intensity 

    1. Warm-up with an easy stroll with no incline. 
    2. After you feel ready to take on the challenge, set your treadmill to full incline and increase your speed to a fast walking pace. This will all depend on how you’re feeling on the day and your experience with walking on a treadmill. Try and get to a point where you’re not using the hand rest. 
    3. Alternate between a minute of walking up the steep hill and 2 minutes of 0% incline at the same pace. 
    4. Repeat 10 times to complete the 30minute circuit. 
    5. Cool down with a steady stroll. 

    Top tips for getting the most out of your walking workouts 

    Intuitive exercise is really the key to making the most of your walking workouts. This means tapping into your energy levels and picking a type of walking workout that suits your needs. Waking on a steep incline every day and in combination with other forms of exercise can take its toll on the body — despite being a lower impact form of movement. So, be mindful of how your body is feeling and your tiredness levels. Getting moving in any way is better than not, so if you’re feeling really stressed or physically tired, opt for a lower intensity workout. 

    Focusing on the benefits of walking on a treadmill every day can really help to boost motivation. Long term, it can include improving your fitness, have a positive effect on your overall health markers and complement other forms of exercise.  Short term, it can immediately improve your mood, contribute towards mindful weight loss and help you get active after a sedentary day. 

    Finally, picking the best treadmill for your needs is important. While all of our treadmills have great functions to offer, some do offer more support or variability in terms of incline. Opt for an adjustable cushioning system (with shock absorbers), because they minimise the impact on joints and the adjustable ability allows you to choose between a soft deck and a firm surface that feels like running on the road. However, if you’re recovering from an injury or have chronic pain, you should first consult your doctor or GP before you begin to use any machine or carry out any exercise programmes. 

    If you’re just looking for simplicity and want the incline function for your walks, there are plenty of models out there that are closer to walking outside with a less robust base. 

    Whether you’re looking for a low-impact way to increase your activity or a more varied routine, there are so many ways to use a treadmill for your walking workouts. To find out more about how to ace your workout routine, take a look at our features section or to find a treadmill that works best for you, check out our range

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