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Which Trampoline is best for me?

June 2, 2021 4 min read
Which Trampoline is best for me? Which Trampoline is best for me?

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    A trampoline is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. They offer great versatility to vary your exercise routine to keep you on track, whatever your fitness goal. There are several types of trampoline available, each will differ in terms of suitability based on you and your goals. 

    Types of trampolines:

    Mini trampoline

    Mini trampolines are exactly what the name suggests, a small version of a regular trampoline. They are designed to be erected in a single location and are fabulous for use in exercise. 


    Rebounders are similar to mini trampolines in a lot of ways, but they are more portable and slightly smaller. They provide a more controlled bounce, so are ideal for less experienced users, as well as those who want to take their trampoline with them from place to place. 

    What are the benefits of a trampoline?

    Build strength

    The action used to bounce on a trampoline is largely based on using the legs to drive you up into the air, as well as your abs to keep you controlled between bounces. This makes trampolining a great way to build strength in the core and lower body.

    Cardiovascular exercise

    Bouncing on a trampoline will get your heart racing, burn fat and speed up your metabolism, all of which make trampolining a fabulous choice for your cardiovascular exercise. 

    Coordination and balance

    While bouncing in the air, you will need considerable coordination and balance in order to keep yourself upright and ensure you land where you should. This makes trampolining an ideal choice to help you improve both of these abilities. 

    Low impact 

    Thanks to the amount of give there is in a trampoline, it causes very little impact to your bones and joints. This makes it a much more sustainable activity than others that offer similar health benefits, such as running. 

    Strengthening bones

    Increased muscular development and the g-forces present when performing intense exercise are both great for strengthening bones, but the impact that usually accompanies such activities can negate a large amount of the benefits. As trampolining has very little impact on bones, it makes it one of the best activities possible for those trying to strengthen their bones.

    Other things to consider


    Considering the amount of risk involved in trampolining, you want to make sure it isn’t going to break, as this could lead to a nasty injury. Make sure you choose a trampoline with a good level of durability if you use it frequently, especially if you plan to keep it outside. 


    While not generally the heaviest pieces of equipment, make sure you check the weight if you are planning to regularly move it from place to place. 


    Trampolines can range from rebounders that are only a few feet wide, to full-size options 14ft in diameter. With such a wide range available, make sure you select an option that meets all of your needs and fits in the space you have available. 


    The stability of a trampoline is essential to ensure you have the confidence to use it. Make sure you research your chosen model and are comfortable it offers a level of stability you are happy with.


    When assessing the frame of a trampoline, you need to make sure everything from its size and shape to its level of durability give you confidence that it will serve the purpose you require, in the space you require, while also standing the test of time.


    The majority of trampolines will have steel springs, however, it is possible to get springless options as well, so consider which you would rather before settling on a model. 

    Foldable or detachable legs?

    If you’re planning to transport your trampoline on a regular basis, work out whether a folding option or one with detachable legs would be more convenient.


    The material of a trampoline is important to consider for two reasons. Not only will it affect the weight, which is an important consideration for anyone who plans to move theirs regularly, but the man-made materials used for its core will offer different levels of durability and potentially contain allergens that certain users will need to avoid. 


    Trampolines can cause a lot of loud squeaking noises while in use. If you plan to use it at unsociable times or are worried about disturbing others, check to see how the model you are looking at is rated in terms of noise production. 


    Considering the amount of wear and tear a product like a trampoline will take, make sure you choose one with a warranty that gives you the confidence you will be covered if anything goes wrong. 

    Your budget

    Trampolines aren’t a cheap item, so make sure you check the price of each option from the outset, so you don’t waste time analysing one you aren’t happy to pay for.

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