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What is 'Roller Fitness'? The new aerobic game changer

May 5, 2021 1 min read
What is 'Roller Fitness'? The new aerobic game changer What is 'Roller Fitness'? The new aerobic game changer

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    Unveiling the Aerobic Game Changer.

    So what is ‘roller fitness’? we hear you ask. Alongside ‘weighted hula hooping’, social media platforms such as TikTok are positioning ‘roller fitness’ as an emerging fitness trend.

    This has lead to an explosion of question online around the benefits of roller skating – does roller skating count as exercise? Can you lose weight by roller skating? Is roller skating a full body workout? The answers to all these questions are ‘yes’. Who needs to pound the pavement, when you can strap on your skates and get gliding.

    Get Gliding: Roller Skating as a Full Body Workout.

    Sweatband coach, Ruth Stone was recently quoted in Stylist discussing the benefits of roller skating:

     “It is an aerobic activity that’ll get your heart pumping and your oxygen circulating.”

    “It’s so taxing that you can expect to use a lot more of your balance muscles than you would if you were just doing standard core exercises.”

    “Taking a turn round your local park with a pair of skates strapped on is a really good way of re-educating your body to fulfil its natural reflexes. It’s a good mix of muscle challenges and mental challenges. You’re constantly thinking about how you’re moving, why you’re moving and where you’re going.”

    “When we think we’re going to fall, the body’s instinct is to tense the muscles. So warming up is essential. If you don’t warm up, your joints don’t move as freely because they’re not as lubricated. So, if you were to fall you’d be prone to worse injuries.”

    “A good quad stretch, hamstring, and calf stretch are essential, as these are the primary muscles your body relies on when roller skating.”

    “But, don’t focus your preparatory stretches on your lower body, because when you’re roller skating, you’re using your entire body. The shoulders will benefit from a good stretch. Give your back a nice release too as you will be working your core quite hard to balance.” For a simple upper body release, lie in ‘child’s pose’, to give your back and sides some relief.”

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