Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 Red Leather Sparring Gloves View

Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 Red Leather Sparring Gloves

The Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 red leather sparring gloves are great for club workout sessions and provide durability, comfort and safety to let you focus on improving performance. These traditionally designed cut gloves offer a shock absorbent padding to ensure added support and protection and have a hook and loop closure and a wide cuff strap for a secure fit and reduced impact on the joints. Thanks to an internal elasticated ring closure fixture around the wrist, the gloves are easy to put on and take off and they are produced from genuine cow hide leather. Plus, to allow for shaping a perfect clenched fist, there is a sewn in padded finger grip bar.

Lonsdale Lion Training Gloves View

Lonsdale Lion Training Gloves

Designed for upmost comfort and reliability when sparring or practicing with a punching bag, the Lonsdale Lion training gloves are made from fine synthetic leather to ensure essential longevity and overall impressive durability. The Lonsdale logotypes provide a well-known classic appearance, whilst the M:Core technology ensures proper freshness and dry feel by properly regulating the inner temperature. Also, whenever you are practicing, the gloves provide increased cushioning and impact absorption with the L:Core technology, whereas the Velcro strap delivers proper fit and comfort.

Boxing Mad Sparring Gloves View

Boxing Mad Sparring Gloves

Suitable for regular training sessions, the Boxing Mad sparring gloves provide a great balance of comfort and support and have special anatomically designed latex mould inserts and wide Velcro wrist supports ensuring an optimum fit. These durable sparring gloves offer eye-catching green stitching and detail and to prevent sweat from entering the padding, they feature water-resistant taffeta lining.

Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 Black Leather Sparring Gloves View

Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 Black Leather Sparring Gloves

Perfect for your regular club workout sessions, the Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 black leather sparring gloves provide a combination of safety, comfort and durability and have been manufactured from genuine cow hide leather. These performance boxing gloves are suitable both for bag work and sparring thanks to great shock absorbency ensured by weighted layered foams and feature a wide cuff strap for an improved fit and added support. For easy putting on and taking the gloves off, there is an internal elasticated ring closure fixture around the wrist and a sewn in padded finger grip bar helps to shape an ideal clenched fist.

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Leather Bag Gloves View

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Leather Bag Gloves

The Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 leather bag gloves provide an easy and comfortable fit thanks to an internal elasticated ring closure CC-fixture around the wrist and have a wide cuff strap for added support. These performance boxing gloves are manufactured from genuine goat hide leather to flex naturally under load and feature a gel foam layer for increased impact absorption. Excellent moisture management is ensured by a vented mesh weave material and an anti-microbial internal lining, whereas a thumb tip is safely attached to the main body to avoid injury during training.


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Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Anyone who has seen or practised boxing will know that boxing gloves are an essential piece of kit. But what purpose do they serve, why do you need them, what are the different types and what do the weights mean? Read on to find out more and understand which pair will best suit your boxing needs.

Protection’s the name of the game

Boxing gloves are designed to protect the fighter’s hands. Without protective gloves on you’re much more likely to break knuckles, fracture finger bones and suffer other hand and wrist injuries as you make contact with the opponent’s head and body. As a result, your practice sessions and you’re your career as a boxer would be cut rather short. Boxing gloves also lessen facial injuries such as cuts and bruises around the eyes.

The protection comes from padding inside the gloves. The different types and weights of gloves  provide varying amounts of cushioning for hands.

Types of boxing gloves

Different gloves serve different purposes, with the most common kinds being bag gloves or bag mitts, sparring gloves, training gloves, and competition or contest gloves.

Bag mitts – as the name suggests, these are for practising on punch bags and are usually lighter but with some protection for hands and wrists.

Sparring gloves – designed for sparring sessions, they boast thicker cushioning to help protect hands and faces during time in the practice ring. They tend, therefore, to be heavier.

Training gloves – these are multi-purpose and suit sparring, punch bag practice and other boxing training. They are a good choice if you’re looking for a general pair of gloves for varied training activities.

Competition or contest gloves – less thick and with thinner padding compared to sparring gloves, which you’ll use only in the ring.

Size and Weight

The weight of gloves is directly linked to how much cushioning is in the glove. For example, a glove that weighs 14oz will have less padding than one of the same model that is 18oz.

Kids will wear 8oz or less.

8oz is generally the weight for competition gloves

10-12oz gloves will suit adults with small hands or those looking for a lighter option to practise technique and speed.

14oz are a popular weight which will protect hands throughout most training activities.

16oz is the standard and most common weight for sparring sessions, although you could wear lighter or heavier gloves.

18oz and above are heavy gloves most suited to the strongest and heaviest-hitting boxers when sparring each other.

Material and features

Boxing gloves will be made from leather or synthetic leather. Another important aspect is choosing a Velcro fastening or lace-up style. With both of these, neither is better than the other. Gloves in leather will usually cost more than a similar synthetic leather version but may be more durable. It depends on your needs.

You should get a good, comfortable but tight fit from both Velcro and lace-up boxing gloves. If you choose lace-up gloves you’ll have to ask your coach or sparring partner to help tying them! Again, it’s down to your preference.

You will probably also want hand wraps to go under your gloves, which you can find in our Boxing Accessories section.

Here at Sweatband.com we sell a wide range of gloves in each category, stocking high-quality products at attractive prices with fast and free delivery on orders over £15. You’ll find top brands such as Lonsdale, BBE, Reebok, York Fitness and more. So head up this page to start shopping for your new boxing gloves!

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