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Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

June 21, 2021 4 min read
Boxing Gloves Buying Guide Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

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    Anyone who wants to get into boxing knows they are going to need a pair of gloves before they can get started. However, what they may not know is just how much goes into selecting the perfect type of boxing glove.

    Users of different styles and sizes will favour different types of gloves, while their intended use will actually determine what they are allowed to be used for.

    Here, you’ll discover more information about boxing gloves, the different types and styles, and who each pair is most suitable for. This should give you all you need to select the perfect pair of boxing gloves, no matter how lofty your aspirations are.

    Types of gloves

    Sparring gloves 

    Sparring gloves are the heaviest, most padded option available. They are designed specifically for use in training sessions with another person, as the additional padding helps to mitigate any damage to your partner.

    Bag gloves 

    Bag gloves still feature a good amount of padding but less than found in sparring gloves, as this time it is purely there to protect the user’s hands. They are designed specifically to be used on punch bags.

    Training gloves 

    Training gloves are a combination of the two previous options. They feature enough padding that they are allowed to be used in sparring but also won’t limit your speed too much when working on a bag. They are the best option for someone who wants to rely on a single pair of gloves for their training.

    Competition boxing gloves 

    Competition gloves are the lightest, least padded option available. They are designed for speed and a natural feel and only a select few weights are authorised for use in official competitions.

    Other things to consider 


    The material of a boxing glove will affect everything from its comfort and durability to its price and appearance. Consider issues like your budget and ability before settling on what type of material you want to go for.

    Sizing and weight 

    Getting the sizing right when purchasing your boxing gloves is imperative. It needs to fit snugly around your fist, ensuring it doesn’t flap about, which could cause injury to either you or your opponent.

    In terms of weight, there are a number of options available, each designed for a specific purpose. 


    8oz gloves are the most common type used in competitions. They allow the user a great level of speed and accuracy while offering a natural feel.


    10oz gloves are the only other option to 8oz gloves allowed in competitions. They feature the same qualities as their lighter counterpart but offer a little more padding. They are best suited to larger, heavier users.


    12oz gloves are the best choice for training on a bag, as they provide a nice blend of speed and padding.


    14oz gloves do the same job as 12oz gloves but are better suited to bigger, heavier users.


    16oz gloves are the ideal choice for sparring with other boxers, as they feature a sufficient amount of padding to not cause damage to your partner.


    18oz gloves are another great sparring option, only this time they are more specifically for heavier, stronger boxers. Not only will they be more comfortable carrying the additional weight, but the extra padding will also provide their partner greater protection from their heavier punches. 


    The type of fastener you want on your boxing gloves will vary based on a couple of factors, so it is important you select the best option for your own situation.


    Velcro gloves are easy to get on and off without any assistance. They can be tightened to a reasonable level and should be suitable for the majority of casual users.


    Lace gloves allow for a much tighter fit, ensuring the gloves remain exactly where they are supposed to be. However, they can be quite challenging to tie up alone, so are better suited for people who train with others around to help them.

    Level of ability 

    Be honest with yourself about your ability level. With only certain gloves allowed to be used in sparring sessions and competitions, make sure you select a pair that is authorised for use in the area you are most likely to be using them.

    Your budget 

    Boxing gloves can get quite expensive at the top end, however, there are restrictions on the type you are allowed to use in different areas. Make sure you select a pair that is within your budget but that you will also be allowed to wear for the purpose you have intended.

    Boxing gloves maintenance 

    In order to maintain your boxing gloves, you need to keep them clean and fresh. Boxers will usually air their gloves out after using them, as opposed to putting them in a bag. Others will even place them in a freezer or use vinegar spray to kill any bacteria.

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