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Introduction to Amino Acids

June 21, 2021 2 min read
Introduction to Amino Acids Introduction to Amino Acids

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    Amino acids are a crucial aid to your muscle growth and development. At Sweatband.com, we offer the full range of essential and non-essential amino acids in easy to swallow tablets and great tasting powders, to integrate into your current lifestyle and supplement your exercise regime. 

    Choose from our range of essential AA’s for those of you on a plant-based diet or undertaking a high-intensity exercise, BCAA’s for comprehensive muscle growth support or our unique individual AA’s which promote everything from good immune response to cardiovascular health and healthy ageing. 

    Read on to discover which of our AA products would best suit your needs. 

    What are amino acids?

    We can think of amino acids as the building blocks our bodies need to function. They are the byproduct of protein metabolism which helps us build our muscle strength and function. We have essential and non-essential amino acids, and it is important we get sufficient protein throughout our diet to provide us with the full range. If we only consume one or two main protein sources, we may risk being deficient in specific amino acids which benefit the body, and this can be a particular risk if we follow a plant-based diet. 

    What are the benefits of amino acids?

    Different types of amino acids have unique value for our health and can be a great aid in muscle growth and recovery. When we are active, we can benefit from supplementary amino acids to help us to meet our health and fitness goals.  Below are some of the most beneficial amino acid subtypes we supplement to support your exercise regimes. 

    BCAA supplements

    Branch chain amino acids are composed of three of the most essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The body cannot make its own form of these essential building blocks and therefore we must consume enough via diet and supplementation. BCAA’s have been shown in trials to improve muscle growth, reduce exercise-associated muscle soreness, and reduce the speed of muscle fatigue during workouts. 

    EAA supplements

    These are supplements containing all 9 of the essential amino acids. Supplementary EAA’s are great for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet, as it can be harder to obtain the regular intake of all 9 amino acids. Studies have shown merit for EAA’s in the growth and repair of exercise-associated muscle use. Sufficient EAA intake also encourages optimum nutrient absorption and improved immune response. 


    As well as acting as a precursor for creatine (proven to support muscle growth), L-arginine offers additional benefits for the cardiovascular system by encouraging the production of nitric oxide. This AA can improve immune response and reduce cardiovascular risk factors when taken in supplementary doses. 


    This AA can act as an ‘anti-fatigue agent’ during exercise, by supporting energy production and cellular growth. It is also commonly utilised by elite athletes to improve immune function post intense exercise.


    Ongoing beta-alanine supplementation is recommended for high-intensity exercise, as a way to increase muscle carnosine stores, which improves overall performance levels.

    In this article