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Platforms & Stands Buying Guide

June 21, 2021 3 min read
Platforms & Stands Buying Guide Platforms & Stands Buying Guide

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    Everyone loves a punch bag. Whether you’re training for a sport like boxing or MMA, you find it a good source of cardio, or simply want to let off some steam, we’ve all had a go at one time or another.

    However, when it comes to buying your own punch bag, there’s one thing people often overlook, and that’s the platform or stand you are going to put it on. While most will spend a great deal of time trying to get the right bag, if you don’t get the right platform or stand as well, it isn’t going to function how you hope.

    Here you’ll discover the different tyes of punch bag platforms and stands, what you should consider before buying one and who each type is best suited for.

    Types of platforms & stands 


    Freestanding platforms and stands are usually weighted at the bottom and allow you to suspend your punch bag directly from them. They are ideal for anyone who isn’t keen on the idea of attaching anything to their walls or ceiling, as well as those who need to move it on a regular basis.


    Wall-mounted platforms and stands are bolted directly into the wall. This provides a greater level of stability, so is often the preferred choice for heavy hitters or anyone using a heavier bag.

    Bag and stand 

    A bag and stand is where the two items come together as a single piece of equipment. They often don’t allow the bag to be changed, so aren’t as flexible as other options, but are usually cheaper than buying both a bag and stand separately, so are a good choice for those on a budget.

    Other things to consider 


    Punch bags are not small items. Make sure that the bag, stand and platform you are looking at not only have enough space to be kept but that there is also enough room for you to safely manoeuvre around it.


    Weight is an essential consideration for multiple reasons. Firstly, you need to make sure your bag is heavy enough for you to use it effectively when considering your strength and style of training. Then, you also need to ensure your stand or platform is suitable for supporting said weight without breaking or toppling over.


    With so many different types and weights of bag available, it is essential you think about what you will be using it for, to ensure it is capable of meeting your needs.

    Heavy bag 

    If you are focusing on training purely for power, or perhaps using kicks as well as punches, you may want to consider a heavy bag.

    Speed bag 

    Conversely to what I mentioned above, those prioritising speed, accuracy and agility may well be better suited with a speed bag.

    Weight limit 

    Different platforms and stands are designed for holding different types of bags. Make sure the one you purchase is capable of supporting the weight of the bag you plan to use it with.


    If you plan to use your stand or platform with numerous bags, have multiple users, or simply need to transport it frequently, make sure you select an adjustable option, to make sure you aren’t limited when using it.


    Stability is an important quality in a platform or stand, especially if you are using a heavier bag. Be sure you select an option you are comfortable that isn’t going to tip over the first time you use any real force.


    While the bag itself takes most of the damage, the stand or platform is also going to be under a great deal of strain. If you plan to use your bag regularly, or you know you are a particularly powerful hitter, make sure you select a good quality product that is going to last.

    User height 

    In order to get the most from your punch bag, it needs to be at a height where you can use it with the proper technique. Make sure the platform or stand you select can hold in the correct position based on your own height.

    Your budget 

    Punchbag platforms and stands can be expensive, especially at the top end of the range. Make sure you set a clear budget and check the price at the outset, so you don’t waste time analysing a product you aren’t able or willing to pay for.

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