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Mini Tennis Balls

Mini Tennis Balls at Sweatband.com

There are 3 colours of staged mini tennis balls (red, orange, green) that have different attributes in terms of their speed and bounce. Choosing the right ball for the player skill level makes it easier for new players to start playing and develop their game and to start working on their technique. They help to make the game easier so that players don’t lose confidence and, as a result, interest. As players develop their game and improve their skills they progress through the different stages until they’re ready to play with standard (yellow) tennis balls. 

Red Tennis Balls (stage 3)

These balls are around 75% slower than standard yellow balls, and come in both felt and foam variants and are 7cm-9cm in diameter depending on whether they’re foam or felt, with the foam balls being the larger. These balls bounce very slowly, making them ideal for players, who have not yet developed their hand-eye coordination. These balls make it much easier for a player to actually play the game from their very first lesson and allow for the development of good technique. Typically these balls are used on smaller courts with lower nets making the game more fun. 

Orange Tennis Balls (stage 2)

Orange tennis balls are a step up from the red balls and are around 50% slower than standard yellow tennis balls. Standard orange tennis balls are 6cm - 7cm in diameter and travel faster, bounce more, and are generally harder to hit than red balls. Players will typically move to a larger court with a higher net (though still smaller and lower than a standard setup) when progressing to orange tennis balls as these are still significantly easier to hit than a standard yellow (normal) tennis ball. This enables players to further develop their skills, coordination, and game tactics. 

Green Tennis Balls (stage 1)

Green tennis balls are faster and bounce higher than orange tennis balls but are still around 25% slower and bounce lower than a standard (yellow) tennis ball. They are approximately 6.5cm - 7cm in diameter and are typically used on a full-sized court with a standard height net and are used to help developing players work on their technique while also working on their in-game tactics. These balls are ideal for players that are able to control the ball and implement tactics effectively meaning they are close to being ready to play with standard yellow balls.