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Punch Bags

Punch Bags at Sweatband.com

As the name suggests punch bags are designed to be punched repeatedly, they are available in many shapes and sizes and allow a fighter to practice different striking techniques. Punch bags are often filled with shredded textiles or sand and are usually hung from the ceiling or attached to specific wall or floor mounted stands.

The most popular style of punch bag is called a heavy bag, it’s cylindrical in shape and is used to practice punches to the body. Other styles such as Uppercut, Teardrop and Wrecking Ball are also available to enable a fighter to work on different elements of their technique.

Speed balls are small air-filled bags that are anchored to a rebound platform for the purpose of improving a fighter’s hand-eye coordination. They come in various sizes with the smaller allowing more focus on speed, and the larger improving endurance.

Floor-to-ceiling balls are like speed balls but are attached via a cable system to both the floor and ceiling. They help a fighter work on their reactions and punching angles as when struck the ball rebounds at speed.

Sweatband.com offers a wide range of punch bags in different sizes and weights, the only common feature is that all of them are made by top manufactures such as Carbon Claw, Pro-Box, Tuf Wear and UFC.