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Running Hydration

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Staying hydrated is extremely important no matter what level of athlete you are. Everyone, from those who occasionally go out for a jog right up to marathon runners and Olympic competitors, needs to ensure they consume enough fluid to replace what’s lost from exercising and sweating.

Becoming dehydrated means you won’t perform to the level you desire as you get tired, low on energy and even develop cramps and other aches, pains and problems. Each individual will have different requirements regarding the amount of liquid they need to intake and it will depend also on the activity being performed and level of intensity. However, drinking regularly before, during and after exercise should apply to all.

Water is the best fluid to drink to stay hydrated, although others including sports drinks can be handy for those training for longer at an elevated intensity. Just be careful to check the amount of sugar, calories and caffeine contained in what you are drinking if it’s not water.

Some people, especially outdoor runners and participants in other sports that aren’t restricted to a certain playing area, forgo drinking during exercise because of the inconvenience of carrying a water bottle. This issue can be easily solved by purchasing a hydration pack or a hydration waistbag that can fit comfortably onto your back or around your waist. The variety in designs and sizes will suit the different needs of all exercisers, and on top of water reservoirs and holders for water bottles, they often also include a space to take your phone, keys, money, energy bars, a map and other essential running and outdoors items.

Our Hydration department also features water bottles of different designs and shapes to suit all needs, and even water bottle belts which make taking your water bottle with you much easier.

In our Hydration department, you’ll find the right gear to accompany you on your runs, including waistbags, hydration running packs and backpacks. These durable pieces of equipment often feature reflective areas on them to keep you visible if out running in dark conditions, and can be adjusted to fit tightly yet feel very comfortable and light on your back or around your waist. Pick one up now and see how it helps support you on your runs and spurs on your progress!