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Butterfly Starter Table Tennis Table
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Butterfly Starter Table Tennis Table

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Cornilleau 740 Pro Longlife Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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Butterfly Playground Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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The first table tennis tables were the dining tables of the officers’ mess in colonial India and the parlour tables of society folk in Victorian Britain. Back then pretty much any flat surface would do and rules varied from regiment to regiment and household to household.

Today the table tennis table is less ‘make do’ element, but there’s a great range out there for the enthusiastic home player and committed professional alike.

The earliest surviving Table Tennis Table comprises part of a set made by David Foster, patented in England in 1890. It’s green cover and white markings are much the same as those you see on tables today but this one had nets to the side from which the ball could return, rather like ‘real’ or ‘royal’ tennis as played many centuries earlier most famously at Hampton Court.

Today the choice is pretty extensive and there are options for all environments and budgets.

Things to consider:

• Fixed or flexible? If it needs to move regularly ensure your table has good quality casters (preferably with brakes) and that the dimensions when folded / unassembled work comfortably with your venue

• Location, location – There are tables with legs that can be fixed to a floor and concrete tables that once set down require lifting equipment to budge so if you’re committing to one of those you need to be confident you’ve got the right location.

• Thickness of surface – don’t be deceived by the innocent look of a ping pong ball – regular play will give the table surface a pounding over time so naturally the thicker the better. If you’re a serious player you probably should consider at least 25mm thickness.

• Sturdy support – ensure the legs of your table are tough, if you’re leaning on or fall onto the table during play it needs to stay upright!

• Even keel – your floor is unlikely to be exactly horizontal to the perpendicular so a table with adjustable legs is a good idea and you can use a spirit level to set it up when preparing for a play. NB the height of the table should be 76cm above floor level.