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Tennis Bags

Having the right tennis bag for you and your needs is important, ensuring you’re organised and ready to play, so we’re here to help guide you in your choice. It may sound obvious, but the most important thing to consider when looking for a tennis bag is the size. The size of tennis bag you need depends upon how much space you require to store and carry your tennis gear to sessions or matches. Other considerations will be budget, brand and specific bag features such as backpack straps or thermos pockets.

What size tennis bag do I need?

So let’s take a look at your options. The following sizes are the most commonly found designs:

Backpack – great for a single racket, sometimes two, a few balls and accessories and a small amount of clothing. Their advantage is the compact size, ease of carrying on your back and of course their price.

3 racket bag – the smallest size of dedicated racquet bag, you’ll can fit 3 rackets in it or more likely take 1-2 racquets plus some accessories and smaller items such as a t-shirt, balls and a small towel. Again, they won’t break the bank and are light and easily carriable on your shoulder.

6 racket bag – a very popular option for regular players, combining space with practicality to good effect. Carry a few rackets in one compartment and clothes, shoes and other gear in the other compartment. Depending on the model, you can find 6 racquet bags with shoulder straps and a backpack carry system for real ease of carrying.

9 racket bag – even more capacity usually with 3 compartments or one small and one extra-large compartment. Usually they will have backpack straps, a shoulder strand and a carry handle as standard.

12-15 racket bag – the largest of the lot, these bags will mostly suit those who travel a lot for matches and training sessions. It will take all the gear you need and then some!

This should give you a good idea of the type of bag that will be best for you.

What else should I consider for my racket bag?

Other preferences to keep in mind are obviously brand and extra features such as separate footwear pockets, waterproof and wet gear pockets, and climate control linings in compartments.

A shoe pocket is great if you play outdoors on grass or clay and want to keep your footwear from dirtying your other gear or damaging your racket. Some of the larger tennis racket bags come with a lining in one of the pockets that helps to protect your rackets from extremes of heat, cold and humidity. This special feature might be referred to as climate control, thermo technology or a thermal lining.

Differences in standard and premium racket bags of similar sizes may be down to a number of details such as the quality and thickness of the materials used for the bag, the zips and the straps and padding, or the number of pockets for accessories or internal sections. Again, it all depends on your usage: if you’re going to be travelling with the bag or prone to treating it a bit roughly it’s probably worth investing in a higher quality option that’s a bit tougher and more durable.

How do I get started?

To narrow down the search results you can use the filters on this page. Sort the results by bag type and size and you can also select brand too. This will help you see more relevant bags for you.

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