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Tennis grips are an essential racket accessory and part of a tennis player’s kit. As the name suggests, they help you get a good grip on the handle of your tennis racquet. There are different types of grips available on the market offering different characteristics which we will look at here.


What Are Replacement Grips And Overgrips?

You will see tennis grips referred to as replacement grips or overgrips. Rackets come with a base grip as standard and these can, and should periodically, be replaced. For this, you need a replacement grip. The base grip is designed to increase comfort as you play and ensure a solid hold on your racket handle. They can also help to protect your hands from blisters for longer, improve sweat absorbency to stop your racket from slipping in your hand, and can reduce some vibrations from ball impact.

The other type of grip is an overgrip. The overgrip is generally much thinner than the base grip and is applied over the base grip. These can increase the performance of your grip, offering additional comfort or tackiness and also make the handle thicker so it fits better in your hand. The overgrip should be replaced more regularly than the base grip, and they are quicker and easier to put on and take off.

If you’re not sure of the grip for you then it’s worth trying different ones. Grips don’t tend to cost a lot, with packs of 3 overgrips available for just a few pounds. You can buy single replacement grips because they are changed less frequently, and again they are pretty low cost. If you play regularly or need supplies for your club and are looking for cost-effective options then you can buy bigger boxes with 12, 24 or more overgrips or replacement grips which bring down the cost of the individual grip.

We stock grips from major brands including Wilson, Head and Karakal. From single grips to packs of 50 plus, we offer the best value and all grips are delivered to the UK free of charge as part of orders over £15.