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DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

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The DKN AM-E exercise bike is equipped with an 8kg (17.6lbs) flywheel ensuring quiet operation and offers 32 levels of resistance enabling you to adjust the intensity of each workout. The AM-E’s console offers feedback on the most important workout statistics including time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, recovery, Watts and RPM, while the heart rate can be measured with the pulse grip sensors or a wireless receiver with an optional chest strap. The exercise bike features a manual, 12 pre-set programmes, as well as a user mode, target HR mode and a Watt mode to help you achieve the training goals faster.

Our price £299.99
Availability: Please choose colour for stock availability information

Key features

  • Flywheel: 8kg (17.6lbs)
  • Resistance: 32 levels of computer controlled resistance
  • Console: Blue LCD display
  • Console Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Recovery, RPM, Watts
  • Programmes: Manual, 12 pre-set programmes + user mode, target HR mode and Watt mode
  • User Profiles: 4 (each with age / gender / weight / height)
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse grip sensors + wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Product Weight: 34.5kg (76lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Power Supply: Mains
  • Dimensions: Length=87cm (34.2”), Width=52cm (20.5”), Height=135cm (53.1”)
  • Warranty: 2 years


DKN AM-E Exercise Bike - User Manual DKN Ergometer AM-E Exercise Bike manual

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What's the lowest position of the seat? Love the look of the bike but I'm 5ft 3" and need to know if I can use it.

Hi. When it its lowest position, the distance from the top of the saddle to the top of the pedal at its furthest point is 75cm.

At the end of a work out does the bike give an average watts reading?

No. The Watts reading given is in real-time rather than an average.

what is the minimum height a person can be to use this bike

The minimum height is 5ft (1.52m).

What is the distance from the bottom of the handlebar to the floor?

Hi, the distance from the bottom of the handlebar to the floor is 139cm (54.7").

What is the distance between the top of the saddle and the pedal, when the pedal is lowest and the saddle in max position?

When the seat is fully extended to it's maximum height of 104cm (40.9"), the distance between the top of the saddle and the pedal in its lowest position is 96cm (37.8").

Does the bike retain its personal profile settings for each person when unplugged?

Hi. Yes, absolutely. There are 4 user profiles enabling you to save gender, age, height and weight info for a more personalised feedback during each workout.

Does this bike come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Is the bikes mains controled?

Yes, this bike is mains powered.

Hi, is the height in cm or inches and weight is it pounds or kilos?

These dimensions are provided in both ways: the height is 135cm (53.1”), and the weight is 34.5kg (76lbs).

What is the heaviest weight it can take?

This exerciser has been tested up to a max. body weight of 140 kg/300 lbs.

is suitable for some one recovering from heart attack

The bike is a safe workout option, however you should speak to your doctor before undertaking any exercise.

Can I just sit on the bike and pedal and go up and down,resistance, without using a program?

Yes you can. That is called manual mode and is an effective workout in itself as you can set the resistance level yourself.

Is it safe for the bike to be used by someone fitted with a pace-maker?

It's absolutely safe to use this product by someone fitted with a pace-maker.

When making a user profile on the bike it asks for weight, but what metric is being used - KG/pounds stones etc?

When creating a user profile on all DKN products the weight is provided in kg.

Would this bike be suitable for a someone aged 52 who has never used one before and isn't very fit?

It should be OK as this Exercise Bike offers 32 levels of resistance enabling you to adjust the intensity of each workout. However you should contact your doctor before undertaking any exercise.

Is this bike suitable for tall people? I am 6ft 3 inch.

This bike is suitable for tall people, it will be great for you.

Is it compatible with a Polar heart rate monitor strap?

This DKN Exercise Bike is compatible with non-coded HR transmitters that operate on 5 Khz.

Is the saddle comfortable (soft)?

This DKN Bike has a gel saddle, which is very comfortable.

Is the saddle stem the same size as a road bike?

The stem is adjustable in height.

Is it noisy?

This Bike is relatively quiet.

Maximum what height man is suitable for?

The maximum height is 6ft 3.

How difficult is the assembly for one person?

The Assembly of this DKN Exercise Bike is quite easy, it takes about 30 minutes.

In the video the pillar that supports the handlebars, rocks from side to side and appears loose. Is this normal ?

This is absolutely normal because it is absorbing the vibration.

Can you programme your own workout on this for e.g. High intensity training or do you have to follow the pre-programmed sessions?

The Bike includes 12 pre set programmes, however, there is one user mode programme which you can design to suit your requirements.

Where does the adapter plug in to?

The adapter plugs in at the rear bottom of the flywheel just above the rear stabiliser wheel bar.

Do the pedals have a standard axel/thread? i.e can I swap them for spd pedals from my road bike?

The AM-E Exercise Bike has standard thread, so the pedals can be changed.

Do I have to buy the adapter separately?

No, the bike is delivered with the adapter.

Does this bike require to be plugged into the mains?

Yes, this product is mains powered and will need to be plugged in when in use.

What are the dimensions from the ground to the top of the seat when the seat is fully extended?

Once the seat is fully extended to it's maximum height- The measurement from the ground to the top of the seat is 100cm (39.37").

How easy is it to move from one room to another?

This bike has 2 transport wheels located on the front of the bike, allowing it to be easily transported from one room to another.

Is this a magnetic resistance bike?

Yes, the resistance mechanism is magnetic, with the resistance levels controlled electronically through the console.

What programmes are available on this exercise bike?

The DKN AM-E Exercise Bike features a manual, 12 pre-set programmes, as well as a user mode, target HR mode and a Watt mode to help you achieve the training goals faster.

Is this bike available in the white/silver option?

This product is available in the Black & Silver colour only. The white version was available earlier this year, but has since been discontinued.

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This is an easy to use bike with a good number of programs to keep you motivated and push you as much as you would like. My main activity is running, so it is excellent for keeping training going when it is difficult to get outside. The only other point people mention is the seat. Two of used it and both found it comfortable and we are medium sized person who weighs less than 10 stone.

Use it regularly, adjustable seat height which is great for my wife and I. I havnt been able to work out if and how I can adjust incline on seat. However nevertheless, this works great and has been a blessing through lockdown for us.

Excellent bike. Seat was initially a bit uncomfortable to begin with but after a week or two this was no longer an issue. There is a good range of programs and up to 32 resistance levels. I have been using it 2 to 3 times a week now for nearly a year now and the bike is still running great. I would definitely recommend.

Excellent bike. Runs quietly

This bike is much better than ones at the gym. It’s sturdy, yet easy to move. Really good quality and easy to use. It looks so good we keep it in our front hall!

Really happy with my AM-E. It's solid and stable, well-built, quiet, and more than enough resistance levels to accomodate a range of fitness levels. The resistence level goes higher than I think I'll ever need (I'm 76kg and currently using resistance level 18 out of 30; it's a firm workout). It's feels just like using a gym bike. It was well worth spending more to get a magnetic resistance, having previously tried a cheap belt-driven bike which wasn't fit for purpose. The only negative is that the calorie reading seems wildly high (which I understand is a pretty common problem). I usually divide the reading by two to get an estimate. There's also nowhere to place a water bottle or phone, but this was easily fixed with a £3 clamp off eBay. Ultimately though, using AM-E has helped me quickly get my weight/fat levels under control and maintain them during lockdown. Recommended.

Wiring through column to panel and bike colour coded wrong. I.e. Goes red different colour then red

It does what it says on the tin

Great bike. I would rate it up with the ones I used at the gym.

Very sturdy. 12 different programs, multiple levels of resistance. I recommend this exercise bike

Fab bike lost 3 stone in lockdown. Highly recommended.

Very happy with this bike. I like that you can make different profiles for all users. I used it since december. One negative, the saddle can become a little unconmftable for +30min workouts.

I have owned this bike for 4 months and 20km every day...done over 2500km on it. It’s a great piece of kit and excellent value. Ordered online, price included delivery and it arrived promptly. Would definitely recommend.

Some far have found this bike pretty good! It's not massively heavy and doesn't take up lots of room. The seat is fine, I'm 6.2 and use it very comfortably. Very good equipment for the price. Delivery was very quick and overall I am very happy

Easy to use, sturdy and comfortable. I wanted a bike with preset programmes and this one has 12 which I use weekly

Really like this exercise bike, simple to use and assemble, has a surprisingly good range of resistance and programs, sleek profile also means it does not take up much space and wheels an added bonus.

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