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DKN RunTech A Treadmill

Our price £1499.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

At the heart of this top-of-the-range DKN RunTech A treadmill is a 2.5 horsepower continuous duty AC motor. Usually only found on gym machines, the motor is commercial grade, and is one of the quietest available, providing a truly smooth experience. It silently and effortlessly increases the running belt speed up to 22 kph (13.7 mph).

DKN’s commitment to using the finest possible parts doesn’t end here!  The RunTech A is fitted with a high-grade 3.3mm orthopaedic belt which, combined with the Progressive Shock Absorption system, provides a wonderfully cushioned and responsive running surface.  It also has a generous sized running deck which will accommodate the tallest of runners.

 For incline training, there are 15 levels (12%) of powered incline on offer. User profiles (age/gender/weight/height) ensure that personalised metrics are displayed on the large 7.5" blue backlit display. The RunTech A also offers 24 unique pre-set course profiles, 12 of which have their speed and incline profiles printed on the console. All programmes on this treadmill can be used for a user-determined duration. There are 3 user-defined programmes for the ultimate in personalised programming, as well as heart rate control with an inbuilt receiver that wirelessly connects to a compatible chest strap transmitter (not included).

The Run Tech A provides interactive workouts thanks to its compatibility with an iPad or Android tablet. The DKN RunTech A application opens up a completely new range of exciting features, such as weight loss, boot camp and calorie burn. Enjoy using the DKN Run app for your daily run in some of the world's most iconic spots. As you’d expect on a machine of this calibre, there is a hydraulic lift assist / soft drop feature on the deck, and it has also been fitted with 4 wheels, making it stress-free to manoeuvre.

The DKN RunTech A treadmill is provided on a white glove delivery and assembly service.

Our price £1499.00
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Running Machines department.

Key features

  • Motor: Commercial grade, AC, 2.5 HP continuous duty (4 HP peak)
  • Speed Range: 0.8 - 22 kph (0.5 – 13.7 mph) with 10 Quick-Speed keys
  • Incline Range: 15 Levels (12%) of powered incline with 10 Quick-Incline keys
  • Running Area: 51cm (20”) x 146cm (57.5”)
  • Belt: Orthopaedic 3.3mm (0.13”)
  • Cushioning: Yes, DKN Progressive Shock Absorbing system
  • Console Display: Blue backlit 7.5" (19cm) LCD
  • Console Feedback: speed, time, distance, calorie burn, incline percentage, pulse
  • Programmes: 29 - Manual (target), 24 pre-set, 3 user defined, 1 heart rate control
  • User Profiles: 2 (age / gender / weight / height)
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Pulse grip sensors and wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Available Tablet Apps: DKN-Run, DKN iWorld
  • Tablet Compatibility: iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, Android (3.1 or higher and 1280 x 800 resolution for Android)
  • iPad Compatibility for DKN iWorld: iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini
  • Folding: Soft drop system with self lock safety latch
  • Product Weight: 113kg (249lbs)
  • Max. User Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
  • Dimensions in Use: Length=197cm (76.6”), Width=89cm (35”), Height=147cm (57.8”)
  • Dimensions Folded: Length=120cm (47.2”), Width=89cm (35”), Height=189cm (74.4”)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Certification: CE/EN 957
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour


DKN RunTech A Treadmill - User Manual


DKN RunTech A Treadmill Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 11 people with average rating of 4.8

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Was very cautious before ordering this treadmill as it was a big investment. Now having owned the treadmill for about 2 months I'm so glad that I took the plunge. It does everything that I want. Was surprisingly easy to install too - the delivery chaps installed it for me :) . I will be getting an Ipad soon and can't wait to connect that up and use the apps.

I decided it was time I got off my behind and started exercising more frequently. My nearest gym is a fair distance from my house so I thought it may be better to get some home fitness equipment. I especially like the commercial grade motor as it's really quiet. Using this very often and have had no problems at all so far.

Was undecided between this and the Sole treadmill as they were similar price but what swung it for me was the cushioned running track that this treadmill has. I've had issues with my ankles and knees in the past and was advised by the nice sales person I spoke to that this would be more suitable for myself. Good advice as I'm delighted with it and my joints are still in one piece!

Treadmill took a while to arrive and several calls to sweatband by which time it had decreased in price. On assembly it produced an error message which the assembly guys had no clue about and I had to phone for support. This was resolved swiftly as it just needed a recalibration, wish DKN had published how to do that though just in case it happens again. Motor is quiet and running platform is great. It does have an annoying rattle though when used and a wheezing noise when set more uphill it is a lot more quiet than our previous treadmill though. In terms of controls and ease of use its fairly standard. It doesn't tell how much height you've gained though and distance isn't as precise but you can work out the extra decimal of accuracy by following the oval track progress. Overall though the quality seems pretty good ...I just wish I could stop the rattle (without trying to take it apart).

Great quality treadmill! The machine doesn't shake at all when in-use. Wide range of programmes available and the DKN- RUN app is easy to use and very enriching. My husband uses it everyday and he has already started to feel a huge improvement in stamina and fitness levels. Glad we bought this machine- we would highly recommend it to others looking for a high quality machine!

I can confidently state that this is a phenomenal Treadmill. Having used it for over 6 months now I can say this machine would not be out of place in a gym. Robust, user friendly and very nice to run on. Set up was relatively straight forward, having 2 people helps as it is a large and heavy piece of kit. The service from was ace!

This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. This treadmill has operated smoothly for the last eight months I’ve had it. It’s solid and durable and boy is it nice to have a treadmill at home. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good treadmill that is easy to use with all of the necessities.I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It is everything it is claimed to be both in the description and reviews online.

Very good treadmill, was delivered and installed by 2 great chaps. Been on it doing 5k every night since it arrived!! All the controls are clear and simple. Great cushioning, good sized running deck, superb value for money and feels as if it will last a life time!

I am delighted with my purchase! The running surface is excellent, my wife is the main user and she has put more than 5 miles a day on this machine, so it is getting some good use and coping well. When used at high speeds the machine does not sway or get much louder. The running surface is cushioned exceptionally as advertised. In regards to putting it together, it was not difficult except I had some difficulty moving the running deck out of the box as it is very heavy, two people are definitely needed for this bit and also for holding the console in place (light) while screwing pieces together. Could not recommend this treadmill enough to those looking for a gym quality machine.

A truly superb treadmill!! I am thrilled with the size of the running deck as I am 6ft 1inch tall, so this was an important consideration. The machine comes packed with features and a commercial motor so it is by far the quietest and smoothest machines I have owned. The DKN -Run app is great - easy to use and very enjoyable. Overall I would strongly recommend this treadmill if you have the budget and the space.

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