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Head Nano Ti110 Squash Racket

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The Head Nano Ti110 squash racket ensures a perfect blend of durability, power and precision. 100% Nano Titanium/Carbon construction provides lightness and strength, while a powerfan string pattern delivers increased power. The racket features enlarged grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock that widen the sweetspot and enhance power. This head heavy racket weighs 110g (3.8oz) and has a 77.5in2 (500cm2) head size.

Our price £39.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Head Size: 77.5in2 (500cm2)
  • Frame weight: 110g (3.8oz)
  • Balance: 360mm (head heavy)
  • Strung with Head Synthetic Gut
  • String pattern: 14 x 18
  • Construction: Nano Titanium
  • Full cover included

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Head Nano Ti110 Squash Racket Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 29 people with average rating of 4.6

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Great deal for the two rackets, look and feel good

Lovely weight and perfect tension (for me). Love this racket, and what a great price. This is my second, won’t be my last.

Very good racket for beginners and intermediate players. Large sweet spot and much forgiving. Good price at sweatband

I bought this squash racket for my son to use. After only four uses two strings broke. I would never buy this product again. Furthermore, the product only had a 14 day money-back guarantee.

Good quality, ultra light

Very good

I play league squash twice a week. I have bought racquets from £30 to £100, this Head Nano is the best by a mile, the strings last 6 to 12 months, I get great power and control - highly recommend

Bought one each for my wife and young son. Nice and light for them both. They like them and am sure they'll give them a good workout.

It's a light racket, as the name suggests. Quite a narrow head, but I'm liking it as I get used to it.

Absolutely blown away by this racket. Powerful and accurate. Personally I like rackets to provide power but also to give good feel for touch play and this racket met delivers on both. I bought the double pack and I'm glad I did. An absolute bargain.

This racket is very light. It enables decent control & excellent Power like some of the top rackets. It improved with new strings (ultra-nick 17s, green). I use this for training. I play intermediate plus level. Upto advanced when I get my stamina back up! I have played since my teens. I am now in my mid 40s! This is a great value racket for beginners and intermediates. My no.1 racket is a technifibre used by Shobargy. My next top racket is a Dunlop Precision Ultimate. Both are advanced level and great for power & control. The Dunlop and are better for control. Once the strings are changed to ultra nick 17s. (27 tension).

Squash player: intermediate/advanced Current Rackets: 1. Love using a Dunlop Aerogel 4; 2. Use a Dunlop Precision Ultimate; For: Control & Decent Power These two rackets are forgiving. 3. Technifibre ElShorbagy’s Racket 2018 For: Power mostly & levels of Power. Need to be precise when hitting the ball. It’s an advanced racket. Head Nano Ti110 For: Control & Power It is a very light, headlight and feels balanced to play. The racket is amazing for direct power & control. It’s on oem string, so I look forward to change these to trial my go to Ashaway uktra 17s (green). Amazing price. Value for money. It feels strong. Accurate in drops. Yet it’s profile is great for control: drives, cross courts & deception shots. Very impressive.

Good racket for the price. It's my second!

Good light rackets and good price

Great value for the double pack! Strong and light.

I keep coming back to this racket as I find it suits my playing style.Its lightweight which I find helps with control but consequently won't stand too much impact with the walls.Twin pack deal offers great value for money.

Very good racket, light weight and generates power well.

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