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Head Nano Ti110 Squash Racket

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The Head Nano Ti110 squash racket ensures a perfect blend of durability, power and precision. 100% Nano Titanium/Carbon construction provides lightness and strength, while a powerfan string pattern delivers increased power. The racket features enlarged grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock that widen the sweetspot and enhance power. This head heavy racket weighs 110g (3.8oz) and has a 77.5in2 (500cm2) head size.

Our price £39.99
Availability: in stock!

Key features

  • Head Size: 77.5in2 (500cm2)
  • Frame weight: 110g (3.8oz)
  • Balance: 360mm (head heavy)
  • Strung with Head Synthetic Gut
  • String pattern: 14 x 18
  • Construction: Nano Titanium
  • Full cover included

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Head Nano Ti110 Squash Racket Reviews

This product has been reviewed by 19 people with average rating of 4.6

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Absolutely blown away by this racket. Powerful and accurate. Personally I like rackets to provide power but also to give good feel for touch play and this racket met delivers on both. I bought the double pack and I'm glad I did. An absolute bargain.

This racket is very light. It enables decent control & excellent Power like some of the top rackets. It improved with new strings (ultra-nick 17s, green). I use this for training. I play intermediate plus level. Upto advanced when I get my stamina back up! I have played since my teens. I am now in my mid 40s! This is a great value racket for beginners and intermediates. My no.1 racket is a technifibre used by Shobargy. My next top racket is a Dunlop Precision Ultimate. Both are advanced level and great for power & control. The Dunlop and are better for control. Once the strings are changed to ultra nick 17s. (27 tension).

Good racket for the price. It's my second!

Good light rackets and good price

Great value for the double pack! Strong and light.

I keep coming back to this racket as I find it suits my playing style.Its lightweight which I find helps with control but consequently won't stand too much impact with the walls.Twin pack deal offers great value for money.

Very good racket, light weight and generates power well.

Fantastic racquet, lighter than the 115 I have with more weight proportion to the head. However, the strings have already broken, just a couple of weeks in. A restring should see it even better then new.

very racket top class

A great racket for intermediate use; good balance and excellent control while maintaining decent power

This was a recent replacement for my Slazenger 110gm which was the only racquet I have played with over the last 12 years ( 5 or 6 replacements) and it is almost as good. So I for one would recommend it for good balance and power. I have played for 45 years.

It was a great Racket but it no longer exists, this is due to me throwing the bastard at a wall in a fit of rage. But anyway, thanks.


This racket lasted me two sessions before breaking in the frame. I suspect this was a result of catching it on my opponents racket. I checked immediately after the impact and there were no signs of damage. However, after hitting the squash ball a few times the racket frame failed and had snapped on the side. I know that these rackets aren't built to stand high impacts time and time again but being brand new I expected more from it. My partners Dunlop racket is still going strong and remember it experienced the same impact force as this one. Disappointed doesn't even come close.

I have used the head i110 type squash rackets for several years, it is a very good strong lightweight racket and I am delighted to have taken the opportunity of the buy two for a reduced price, presently on offer.

Very nice racket. Exactly what I was looking for. A Lot lighter than my previous one so I have more control over my shots now. Came the following day.

Fantastic value. Owned quite a few different rackets but for the price this one can't be beaten. Lightweight and nicely balanced.

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