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Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table

Our price £669.95
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2020

The Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 is a tough, high-quality outdoor table tennis table that’s been designed and manufactured in Germany to exacting specifications. The 22mm thick aluminium composite table top delivers a consistent bounce with excellent pace and performance. It’s designed to withstand the sun and rain ensuring that the surface stays in great condition as the years go by. The playing surface has been coated with an anti-glare layer so that even in bright conditions it’s easy to focus on the ball without squinting, making gameplay more comfortable so you can play for longer. The corner edges have soft-touch protection for improved safety and the one-hand locking mechanism means that folding and unfolding this table is fast and easy even with just one person. Leg levellers ensure that you’ll be able to get it perfectly flat and level even on rough, uneven ground, making it suitable for most gardens and other outdoor spaces. To cope with any rough ground the Outdoor 10 also features extra-sturdy double off-road wheels that have been designed to roll smoothly on uneven surfaces. Other features include an anti-warp weather-resistant net, a ball storage box with ball dispenser at each end and bat holders so that you can keep all your playing kit in one place, and the surrounding area nice and tidy. This beautifully built table also comes with 10-year tabletop and 3-year undercarriage warranty cover for complete peace of mind.

Our price £669.95
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 31/12/2020

Key features

  • Weatherproof 22mm (0.87”) ALU-TEC+ composite top
  • Easy one-hand locking mechanism
  • Elastic-band holder on each side for bats, towels, etc.
  • Undercarriage with double off-road wheels for easier transport on all surfaces
  • Ball box at each end for storing and dispensing balls
  • Removable soft-touch edge protector
  • 4 legs with height adjustment
  • Dimensions: Length=274cm (108“). Width=152.5cm (60“). Height=76cm (30“)
  • Dimensions Folded: Length=68cm (26.8“). Width=183cm (72.1“). Height=165cm (65“)
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Warranty: 10 year table top and 3 year undercarriage
Accessories Included:
  • Detachable net


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What is the playing surface made of?

Hi. It's made of an aluminium composite that is weatherproof and has an anti-glare coating so it's possible to play in bright sunshine without getting dazzled.

Would this table tennis table be suitable for our patio which has slightly uneven flags

Yes absolutely! The Outdoor 10 has height adjustment on all four legs so you can place it virtually anywhere. An uneven patio will not present any problems.

Can this table be left open outside all year round?

This table is weatherproof and designed to be used outdoors. It should be folded up and covered when not in use as it is not designed to be left open and exposed to the elements throughout the winter months. It is designed to be kept outside as long as it's covered.

Is it easy to store?

Yes, this table is very user friendly! The one-hand locking mechanism makes it really easy to fold the two halves up and down. It also has strong but smooth rolling off-road wheels which are great on both indoor and outdoor surfaces so you can move it for storing.

Can I fold up just one side to practice on my own?

Yes you can.

Does it come with bats?

The table comes with a detachable net. The bats and balls are sold separately.

How easy is it to assemble?

Assembly of this item is straight forward and usually takes between 1 and 2 hours to put together.

How long does delivery usually take?

We can deliver this table to most parts of the UK within a couple of days.

Is this similar to the kettler smash 11.0

These two tables are very similar but the Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 has an easier locking system (one-hand locking mechanism) and double off-road wheels.

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Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table Reviews

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This is a really good, quality product. The packaging is very secure and even though our table clearly had a rough journey everything inside the box was pristine. Assembly takes some time but overall it’s simple enough. It plays amazingly well and the whole family is really impressed. Definitely a good buy.

Our kids love this table - they’re not the only ones! Great quality and easy to take out and put away. Excellent table, worth every penny!

Absolutely love this table. It plays as well as any table I’ve played on before and is very well put together. If it lasts as long as it looks like it will, I’ll consider it a bargain.

Recently purchased this table and honestly wasn’t expecting it to be this good. The quality is amazing and it plays just as well. Particularly like the ball holders/dispensers and the bat holders as they keep everything you need to play all in one place. 5 stars.

I’ve spent less money on cheaper tables before but the fact that I’ve recently had to purchase this table should say it all. I’ve learned my lesson though! This table is light years better than anything I’ve had before and in truth, it only cost a little more than my previous one. But the difference in quality is far more than the difference in price. It looks great, the playing surface is awesome and it’s easy to move around and fold/unfold on your own. Glad I spent the bit extra this time. Well worth it.

the whole family is loving this table! you can tell it's a quality product straight away. it's a lovely surface to play on and the leg adjustment is really useful to get the table even in our garden. folding it up and moving it is no bother at all. great value for money and would recommend

good sturdy product

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