Half Human 500ml Protein Shaker Bottle View

Half Human 500ml Protein Shaker Bottle

The Half Human protein shaker bottle is designed for mixing supplements on the go and offers a capacity of 500ml. This tough and sleek shaker is lightweight and easy to use and features an ergonomic shape ensuring a comfortable hold. It is packable, easy to carry and BPA and DEHP free and boasts a practical powder storage compartment and an easy measure guide. The shaker bottle is made to help you stay on top of your nutrition and has a no leak, easy clean design. Plus, it is dishwasher safe and comes in a black colour.

Applied Nutrition ABE All Black Everything Pre-Workout View

Applied Nutrition ABE All Black Everything Pre-Workout

The ABE delivers a unique blend of the most vital and researched active ingredients known to help increase physical performance, reduce tiredness and fatigue and provide continual focus throughout your training, maximizing your bodies potential. However talk is cheap and the proof is in the product, after extensive research, meticulous formulating and precise lab testing we are confident to let the ABE do the talking.

Half Human Plant Based Protein Blend View

Half Human Plant Based Protein Blend

Build lean muscle and take your recovery to the next level with the Half Human plant-based protein powder. This is not your typical grainy, chalky tasting protein powder. Half Human has gone all-out to ensure the texture, taste and mix-ability are something that you have not experienced before. They have not stopped there though. Alongside the Pea and Brown Rice protein base, they have fortified this product with extra Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and L-Glutamine to take your recovery to the next level and boost lean muscle tissue growth. What’s the best thing about this product? It uses natural colours and sweeteners and includes no soy, lactose or other nasty irritants! For years, vegan friendly protein shakes have had a bad name. Bad flavours, chalky texture and not mixing well. Half Human is changing the plant-based game. Their Vegan Protein has been designed with taste in mind. The flavour is unparalleled and the texture unrivalled. This has all been done using high-quality ingredients and natural sweeteners. They have fortified the Brown Rice and Pea protein sources with 5 grams of additional BCAAs and L-Glutamine to make sure you are getting the ideal mix to support lean muscle tissue growth and recovery. Each serving delivers 25g (0.8oz) of protein making it far easier to reach your protein goals, 8g (0.3oz) of gluten-free carbohydrates (only 0.6g/0.02oz sugar!) and 0.2g (0.007oz) of saturated fat.

Clif Builders Protein Bars - Pack of 12 View

Clif Builders Protein Bars - Pack of 12

The Clif Builders protein bars are guilt-free snacks loaded with 20g of protein to help you hit your daily protein needs and support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass. They are a great way to upgrade your healthy snacking and provide a hit of carbohydrates to aid muscle recovery post workout. Plus, with added fibre and an irresistible taste, they support your fitness goals and everyday wellbeing. The bars are supplied in a pack of 12 (12 x 68g bar).

Bio-Synergy Creatine Boost View

Bio-Synergy Creatine Boost

Creatine on its own can do a lot for your workout. Backed by scientific study after study, creatine is proven to deliver explosive gains in muscle size, strength and power. But the Creatine Boost® from Bio-Synergy improves on the formula to help you unleash even more gains. Don’t be fooled by the juicy taste – this is a power supplement. Every serving provides an impressive 6.4g of creatine monohydrate – that’s more than most other products in the category – as well as an exact dose of pure dextrose. Studies show that dextrose accelerates creatine absorption and uptake in your muscles, giving you better, faster results than creatine alone. Also, the Creatine Boost® contains over 1g of L-glutamine per serving to support muscle recovery and repair. Research suggests L-glutamine is essential for anyone who takes their training seriously. And you get all of this in a deliciously refreshing drink.

My Endurance Recovery Post-Workout Formula 1kg View

My Endurance Recovery Post-Workout Formula 1kg

The My Endurance Recovery 4:1 Formula helps to keep your muscles in prime condition during intense training sessions. Healthy muscles work harder for longer, maximising muscle growth. This premium supplement includes BCAAs and L-Glutamine to aid muscle repair and reduce muscle damage. While a range of B Vitamins to help to increase energy levels. Helping to improve stamina levels and workout performance.

Applied Nutrition Shred X Thermogenic Powder View

Applied Nutrition Shred X Thermogenic Powder

The Shred-X Powder by Applied Nutrition provides a combination of trusted ingredients with state-of-the-art innovation. Designed to support your training goals, the Shred-X is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight, increase energy and maintain a razor-sharp mental focus.

Super 7 Super Armour Caps View

Super 7 Super Armour Caps

Keeping your body in a peak condition, especially when training hard, is crucial to making the gains you want, but leading a hectic lifestyle can sometimes get in the way. The Super Armour delivers a power formula of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A and a range of B-vitamins as well as vitamins C, D, E and many others. When used alongside a healthy diet and regular training regime, the Super Armour can keep your immune system in top form and helps you stay in shape by missing fewer training days due to illness. You’re also likely to feel more energised and ready to smash each workout.


If you want to move well, then you need to eat well.
Good nutrition is essential for all areas of health and fitness, which is why we provide a wide range of supplements to suit your needs.
Build muscle, enhance endurance and support your immune response with our extensive range of protein powders, vitamins and fitness aids. Choose from:



Find your perfect protein supplement to build muscle, improve metabolism and aid weight loss here.


Learn how to enhance your performance, reduce fatigue and build muscle with our comprehensive creatine range.


Do you want to build muscle, enhance creatine production or support a vegan diet? Let our experts help you find your ideal amino acid supplement.


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Nutrition underpins our total body health. From having sufficient energy intake to perform our daily tasks, to fighting infections and preventing chronic disease, science has constantly proven that getting the right nutrition makes a huge difference to our health and wellbeing.


You need the right balance of macronutrients of proteins, fats and carbs, in order to fuel your body and your brain throughout the day. You also need a sufficient fibre intake to support hormonal health, waste excretion and your gut microbiome. Additionally, you need to stay hydrated and prioritise your micronutrient consumption to help your body be at its best.


Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our ability to exercise and recover well. Behind every good athlete is a great nutritionist, and whatever your sport, eating well can enhance performance, improve energy, support recovery and improve immune response. Specific supplements can make all the difference, there is evidence showing great benefit for creatine, micronutrients and amino acids.


Nutrition helps all systems in your body to work as they were intended, whether through healthy metabolism, a robust immune response, or the ability to sleep well and handle stress. Nutrition is the foundation for your good health in so many ways.


Your body uses B vitamins to support energy metabolism, vitamin D to modulate inflammation, protein to increase muscle growth, essential fatty acids for brain function, calcium for bone density and iron for oxygen transportation.



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