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Tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world, with countless new players picking up rackets around the world each year. However, with many different brands producing an abundance of equipment, many people don’t know what they should buy, when it comes to getting started. From tennis rackets, whether for you or your child, or tennis balls and accessories, Sweatband can match you to the tennis equipment right for you.

Don’t forget to check out our features and buying guides for tips on what type of tennis equipment is best for you and how to get the most out of your gear to enhance your tennis game.

Elevate Your Game with 'The Tennis Mentor'

Elevate Your Game with 'The Tennis Mentor'

Here to provide support, expert advice and mentoring, Ashley Neaves is a Sweatband.com professional ambassador offering up his tennis expertise to help you advance your game! Ashley is a professional tennis coach, programme director, coach educator and content creator running a hugely successful 'The Tennis Mentor’ YouTube channel and Instagram page, with a combined following of 88,000. Whether looking for the right gear, wanting to level up as a player or take inspiration to make real improvements every day, 'The Tennis Mentor' offers pro tips, drills, and product reviews to help you ace your next performance and practise like a pro!

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