PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1  

PowerBlock Sport 90 EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbells

Our price £439.99
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 20/07/2020

Designed for versatile and effective strength training sessions, the PowerBlock Sport 90 EXP Stage 1 adjustable dumbbells have a sleek, space-efficient patented design and offer a weight selection of 2.3kg-22.7kg (5lbs-50lbs). These robust dumbbells enable you to change weights quickly thanks to a selector pin and have an open handle design, as well as an auto-lock feature to lock adder weights when the handle is placed within weight stack. For easy selections, the weight is printed on the rails and the set replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells to let you save space in the weight room. The set includes two 1kg adder weights within per handle to allow for micro-loading weight adjustments and it is coated with anti-friction, non-textured paint for a smooth look and solid durability.

Our price £439.99
Availability: This product is temporarily unavailable, but should be available for order around 20/07/2020

Key features

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Maximum balance and control
  • Space-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells
  • 2.3kg (5lbs) variable weight handle
  • 5kg (11lbs) weight plates
  • Open handle design
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Anti-friction, non-textured paint
  • Selector pin for quick adjustment
  • Improved handle decals
  • Includes two 1kg adder weights within per handle to micro-load weight adjustments
  • Weight indicated on the weight selector bar
  • Weight Range: 2.3kg-22.7kg (5lbs-50lbs)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Warranty: 12 months

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PowerBlock Sport 90 EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

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Quick Delivery and perfect quality dumbbells. Really sturdy.

I'd been deliberating about buying a set of these for years. I just wish I'd purchased them sooner! I also purchased the stage 2 & 3 expansion kits, and having 180lbs/82kg in such a small and compact block is ideal for my current living environment. They fit nicely under the bed :-) Before, I had around 60-70kg of various plates, bars, spinlocks etc. that took up so much space. So I sold them all to help contribute towards the purchase of the PowerBlocks. They aren't cheap; but they are a solid and worthwhile investment. I was a little hesitant because I thought they looked clunky and 'un-dumbbell' like, so may find it awkward to use. But upon arrival I was surprised by how compact they were - even with the 2 & 3 expansion sets added. They were no bigger than standard dumbbells with regards to length, which was my main worry. You dont want them clanking together or restricting full range of motion when doing chest presses or shoulder presses for example. These are no problem whatsoever. Have you ever seen a 40kg hex dummbell? These are more compact than those. Changing weights is super quick, although you need to be a little be careful with the pin selector to ensure it goes into the right slots/level i.e. inserts/exits on the same level. Which can happen if you decide to lifts weights when drunk ;-) I was also a bit concerned that they may be super noisy, due to moving parts or the adder weights within. But they are no louder than general spinlock dumbbells with iron plates. The adder weights can move a little bit if you are swinging them around doing snatches, cleans etc. But's they have little rubber cushions on the end which reduces the noise which is good. They are really well balanced too. When you see videos or pictures, you can't envisage using them the same way you would standard dumbbells - they look odd. But literally on my first session using these I forgot. Your muscles don't care what they are lifting - they just need resistance.

I am a very strong advocate of home workouts. It takes away the pain of commute to the gym, saves me the effort I spend in trying to look upbeat as I do backbreaking exercises, ensures that there is no time wastage between exercises... I could go on. Being an introvert features somewhere on that list. Having done P90X3, Insanity, T25... I also know these are more intense workouts than anything I had done in gyms in my 20s. One thing they do require, is a bit of space. Now, space - that comes at a premium in urban dwelling. And you can ill afford to spend it on dumbbell racks. Thankfully, we live in a time where, if there's a problem, someone's thought of a solution. We have all kinds of collapsible furniture that squeezes up against a wall. Adjustable dumbbells were obviously going to be invented. There are more than one kinds. After endlessly reviewing them, I finally went for Powerblocks. Now I was surprised to realize that these aren't quite as easily available as I thought they would be. Powerblocks are expensive, and I would really have preferred to try out the options in a store before buying them. No such luck. Also, the pro-adjustable-versions weren't available at all. It was a toss up between pro-50 (which couldn't be expanded further) and the Sport 90 expandable version. I went for the later primarily because they could be expanded beyond the base 50-lbs per dumbbell I got, upto 90 lbs. They were also a 100 quid cheaper. That's a lot! One concern I had was some reviewers had complained about the knuckles grinding against the adder-weight bars that are there on the bottom, and the reviewer had claimed that didn't happen on the pro versions. Well, on that, I think the problem might be the position in which you hold the powerblock. Now I am used to holding dumbbells with my knuckles pointing slightly down - in which case the knuckles do grind against the adder weight. But that was quickly remedied by having the knuckles pointed towards the outside, i

These sell themselves. 5-45lbs in each hand. Expandable to 90lbs too. The service received from Seeatband was brilliant, cant fault you in any way. From start to finish including an email to customer services about the product. Would highly recommend these dumbells and if a decent price and good service is a priority. Sweatband is the place to spend your money

Awesome dumbbells! It’s great having so many weight combinations in one set.

Awesome bit of kit! Easy to use and looks great

Great dumbbells. Sturdy. Quick changing. Anyone thinking of waiting for discounts: Black Friday 2019 discounts for powerblocks was about about 20% so maybe consider waiting till black friday.

The best dumbbels ever

great dumbells

Excellent quality

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