Riley 4ft Azteca Football Table - 2016  
Riley 4ft Azteca Football Table - folded view  
Riley 4ft Azteca Football Table - secondary  

Riley 4ft Azteca Football Table

Our price £109.95
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Football Tables department.

Take gamesroom fun to a whole new level with the Riley 4ft Azteca. Relive your favourite cup final as the Reds take on The Blues! Embarass your opponent by scoring endless goals against them and use the counters to keep track of who's winning. Whether its the kids or the adults having a go this table is built to withstand intense sessions of fun! With the solid chrome rods you can ensure that the game will never slow down and with the raised corners there's never gonna be a stoppage whilst your playing. Whether you're trying to display a masterclass in slow build up intricate passing or want to just smash the ball into the oponents goals from your goal kick - this table will allow you to play however you want! Finished in a stunning light beech this table looks the business and will suit any room in your house.

Our price £109.95
Availability: This product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. For alternatives browse our Football Tables department.

Key features

  • Weight: 22.5kg (50lbs)
  • 2 x 32mm plastic balls
  • Two scorers
  • Folding leg system
  • Solid chrome rods
  • Blue and red players
  • Blue playing field
  • Dimensions: Length=121cm (47”), Width=61cm (24”), Height=81.5cm (32”)
  • Dimensions (Folded): Length=45cm (18”), Width=61cm (24”), Height=160cm (63”)
  • Warranty: 6 months

Riley 4ft Azteca Football Table Reviews

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Looks good, especially for the price. A compact size but works for both the adults and kids in the family. The husband put it together in about an hour, the players came ready attached to the rods, so unlike other reviews there was no problem with that.

A lovely finished product but it took two of us two hours to put together. There were a lot of individual parts to assemble and you needed to follow the instructions very carefully. We laid out all the parts to check before we started to ensure all was correct. Grandson was thrilled, so worth the effort.

Husband and son very happy with their present. Have hours of fun using it.

The children love it. It was a bit difficult to assemble but now it's up everyone is happy

Good solid table once put together but takes a bit of effort to build. Great fun.

Overall build quality is good, but let down badly by the rods used too move the players these have come away and reduce the enjoyment when playing! Shame really!

The table is very good in terms of design but there is a problem with the screws which hold the figures onto the bars as they tend to work loose after a certain time, we have overcome this by supergluing the screws in place! I can't compare it to other tables as I've never really used many but apart from the above it seems excellent quality for the money.

Even if you think you're following the instruction perfectly. Double check. I thought I wouldn't be caught out by putting the wrong plays on the wrong poles, but ended up putting some players on backwards. Depending on when you realise your mistake, this can be a real moment.. It's not easy to put together, even for an experience DIY'er. Although I did do it on my own, I would suggest having help around and no time limits. It probably took me over 2 hours, taking my time over it. The quality is fine, but not great and probably reasonable for the price I paid (£100). There needs to be a bit more quality around the base, which is relatively thin card and prone to warping unless you get perfect tensions all the way around - which I didn't and the ball tend to roll where it shouldn't. But I will say that it's good value for the money. Delivery was on time and well packaged. I bought this through Sweatband who had great comms and were a pleasure to talk to on the phone (there were issues getting the correct price online).

Nice features, flimsy build quality - actually one leg was broken on taking it out of the box - playing surface does not sit absolutely flat. Disappointed .

Always wanted a football table for the games room so when I saw this on sale I thought I had to have it! Great value for money and very straight forward to assemble ... happy days!

Me and my husband purchased this for our family to use. We already have a pool table but this gets used so much more! It's not pub-style build quality but it is quite heavy and for the money can't complain. Was very impressed with the service from sweatband and the timely manner in which this was received.

Bought this for my Son as a birthday present and it's been great fun for all the table. Easy to assemble and came in record time . very impressed.

Well priced but not great quality, I guess you get what you pay for!

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