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Football Table Buying Guide

May 15, 2021 6 min read
Football Table Buying Guide Football Table Buying Guide

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    Types of football tables


    Folding football tables are ideal for saving on storage space. These types of tables give you the chance to reclaim space when you’re not playing table football. 

    Folding football tables are designed to be just as strong as fixed leg tables. Ensure that your choice of a folding table has a locking system to prevent the legs from moving unexpectedly during playtime.  


    There are many designs of indoor football tables to suit any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a table to enjoy a football at home, at a club for commercial purposes, or during breaks at work, indoor football tables provide the ideal thrill.

    These tables are not designed to be weatherproof, so care must be taken to ensure it does not stay exposed outside for long. 


    If you want a table that can be used outside either for competition or recreational purposes, look for outdoor football tables.

    These tables have anti-rust legs with corrosion-resistant cabinets. The tough and rustic finish makes them highly durable in extreme outdoor weather.

    Outdoor football tables are ideal for decking areas, home patios, gardens, holiday parks, sports centres, and bars.


    Make your selection like a pro by going for feature-rich football tables such as the adjustable tables. These tables are installed with 8 adjustable legs that are raised and lowered with a lot of ease. 

    Adjustable football tables are easy to set up and make the game even more interesting because you can set the table at a height you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to strain by leaning or bending.

    Football tables must always be on a level playing field for a better gaming experience. These tables can be appropriately adjusted to the required level. Some are equipped with a bubble to ensure the accuracy of the level. 

    Solid rods

    Football tables come with either solid or telescopic rods. The solid rods are tubular metals that protrude on the sides of the table. Football tables with solid rods may be preferred because they offer a better feel for the game. 

    However, care should be taken if you buy these types of tables because the metal rods pose a safety hazard to children.

    Telescopic rods

    Telescopic rods may provide a safer alternative to the solid rods in football tables. These rods are made in two parts that consist of a thin inner rod and another larger outer tube. The outer tube is designed to slide over the thin rod. 

    This mechanism makes the two tubes retract into themselves instead of protruding out of the table sides. 

    Other things to consider


    Football tables come in a range of sizes that are guided by the official tournament dimensions. The ITSF, the body governing table football, recommends table sizes of 142cm long by 76cm wide. The spacing between the rods should be 15cm. 

    Professional tables should have a playing surface of 120cm by 70.5cm. However, if you’re only looking for an average table to have fun at home, you can opt for the smaller sizes. 


    Portable football tables are a great option for people who don’t have designated entertainment rooms. They can be moved to a different place for storage with a lot of ease. 

    They are designed with a system that enables easy portability, such as legs with wheels. Most of them also bear a smaller price tag than the full-sized tables that are not easily portable. 


    If you’re buying a football table for commercial purposes, you must anticipate that players will have different heights. Therefore, go for adjustable height football tables. The regulation table has a height of 36 inches, but with an adjustable height table, you can lower or raise the height to suit the players. 

    Leg stability

    The stability of football table legs is an important consideration because of the wear and tear these tables take with boisterous players. This is why you need to ensure the legs of your table are strong enough and spread wide to lower the centre of gravity. 

    Hollow table legs are lighter and weaker than solid wooden legs. But if you’re buying a table for commercial purposes, you’ll need metallic legs that are the strongest and most stable. 

    Cabinet material


    Choosing the right cabinet material for your football tables largely depends on your taste in beauty and design. The wooden cabinets have a beautiful rich grain. Ensure that your choice of wood cabinet matches the décor of your room as well. 

    The wooden cabinets come at a higher cost but last longer and retain their value. 


    MDF boards make exceptional cabinets because they look similar to wood. They are less expensive and lighter in weight. So if you’re looking for a football table that can be moved with ease, the MDF cabinet makes a great choice.


    If you want something more durable, tough, and resistant to damage, then a football table with a metallic cabinet is the best choice. Stainless steel cabinets are resistant to rust hence perfect for outdoor tables. They’re also heavier; thus they don’t wobble or move around during playtime.

    Rod diameter

    Rods, both solid and telescopic, should have a considerable diameter. However, if your table is meant to be used by children, small diameter rods will be sufficient. 

    Commercial football tables should have a bigger rod diameter for durability and consistent feedback.

    Playfield surface

    Are you a professional football player? If yes, go for tables with a glass playfield surface. These playfield surfaces can be smooth or sandblasted for better ball control. 

    Playfield surfaces can also be made of other materials such as wood, plastic, or vinyl-covered MFD. These are especially ideal for commercial football tables. 

    Check that the playfield has a feature to prevent the ball from getting stuck in corners. This can either be pitch edges or raised corners. 

    Player formation

    Depending on your region, you’ll find different player formations on football tables. The standard formation is 1-2-5-3, but it is not uncommon to find some tables with extra players. 

    Also, note that the player figures can either have a single foot or two feet. The single foot is usually a wedge or block shape.


    If you buy a new football table, you’ll want to know that your investment is protected. Hence ensure the table you’re buying has a favourable warranty policy. A warranty will ensure your table gets the spares it needs, or missing accessories are replaced at no extra cost. 

    It all depends on what the terms of the warranty are. A warranty of more than 2 years is ideal compared to 3 months or shorter. 

    Your budget

    Football tables come at different prices. There are even tables for hire all year round if you’re tight on budget and can’t afford the full cost. 

    If you want to buy a mini football, you will be spending close to $20 for a decent tabletop version. Most full-size tables can be purchased at $1000 to $1200. These can be a good choice for your home. 

    The tournament football tables are a bit expensive and will cost you up to $2,000. If you have a flexible budget, the cabinet-style football tables will be worth considering. They can cost up to $4,000; they are worth every penny with accessories and exotic designs.

    Football table maintenance

    Maintaining a football table is important to ensure that it lasts long and retains a good gaming experience. 

    Always wipe your table with a clean and dry piece of cloth to remove debris and dust. For the surface of the table, clean using an alcohol-based cleanser. 

    The rods also require maintenance which can be achieved using a cotton rag. This helps to keep them slick and maintained for a long time.

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