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Pool Table Buying Guide

May 15, 2021 4 min read
Pool Table Buying Guide Pool Table Buying Guide

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    The presence of a pool table in the local pub is far from a modern phenomenon. Today, there are so many types of pool tables to suit everyone's budget and they come in all different sizes which can fit all room spaces. 

    Whether you're looking for a basic, custom-built or luxury pool table, here is everything you'll need to know. 

    Types of Pool Tables

    5 Foot Tables

    5-foot tables are perfect for young children and beginners and they're suited for small spaces. They are also easy to set up and store away. 

    6 Foot Tables

    6-foot pool tables have a variety of designs – most of them are coin-operated. This makes them a business added to a bar or any other business venture. 

    Pool Cues and Cases

    Pool cues and cases come in a variety of sizes. Pool cues are also made from different materials such as wood and plastic. It is important to select the cues that guarantee durability and increase the gaming experience. 

    Pool cue cases are ideal for outdoor enjoyment of the game. They come in different materials such as leather and plastic.

    Folding Tables

    Folding pool tables make enjoying the game easy since you don't require a lot of space. You can move the table around easily by simply folding it up and relocating it. This makes them ideal for enjoying a game of billiard while on outdoor camping.

    Setting up a folding table is also painless because all you need to do is pull it up whenever you want to play. It takes less effort, time, and space to tuck away the pool table and free up space when you're not playing.

    Other things to consider


    Purchasing a folding pool table comes with a host of benefits as compared to a regular pool table. The biggest advantage it has is in its installation. Foldable pool tables also provide greater mobility around the house and save on storage space. 

    Despite its many advantages, care must be taken when choosing the right quality of a foldable pool table because going too low on the price might get you one that wears out too easily. 


    If you need a pool table but can't dedicate an entire room for one, then consider going for a portable pool table. They come in a range of sizes, and their assembly is easy.



    Pool table slates are made from different materials, but the best ones have diamond-honed surfaces. The three-piece matched slate has its pieces all coming from the same slab. The recommended slate should be at least 3/4 inches in thickness. 


    Lightwood table surfaces are lightweight compared to the ones made with slate. However, they can easily warp. Lightwood is commonly used on smaller pool tables. 

    Leather pockets

    High-quality pool tables are provided with leather pockets made from straps of leather forming a basket shape. You can buy a whole new set of 6 leather pockets or choose to save costs by re-netting the worn-out pockets.

    Adjustable legs

    Pool tables can also have an adjustable set of leg levelers. Tables come with wood pool table legs in 12 different styles. Most have paint-grade wood pool table legs. Other choices include red oak, maple, cherry wood and mahogany. 

    Adjustable leg levelers can be chrome plated to prevent wearing out. Adjustable legs are perfect for ensuring the table is at the required level for the optimal gaming experience.


    Quality pool tables are made from solid hardwood and hence are quite heavy. A quality table has support beams that run across the full length of the table. It must also have the support beams locking to cross members. 

    A high-end pool table has its slate backed with ¾ inch supporting wood for maximum stability. 


    Pool tables come with a host of accessories that facilitate smooth gameplay. To ensure you don't miss out on the thrill, acquire the following pool table accessories as well;

    • Cue stick and cue cases.
    • 15 coloured balls.
    • Diamond rack or Triangle rack.
    • Chalk.
    • Cloth brush.
    • Cue stand


    All our products come with a 6-month warranty. Make sure your chosen model comes with a warranty that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your purchase. Check the product details page for full details of the warranty it comes with.

    Your budget

    Pool tables can be expensive but despite this, new tables are risk-free and have long lifespans. Ideally, you should make sure that your budget reflects the amount of time you’re planning on using your pool table.

    Pool Table Maintenance

    Maintaining your pool table ensures it lasts long and delivers an excellent playing experience. There are critical parts of a pool table that should be given a lot of care because they are easily prone to wear and tear.

    The felt is one such part that is used extensively during a game of pool table. Players should avoid damaging the felt, and regular cleaning must be adhered to. 

    The frame of the pool table also needs thorough cleaning to get rid of dust and dirt. The frame can be cleaned using a soft brush over the rails, cabinet, legs, and surfaces. 

    Besides, to maintain a pool table, you should minimise damage by preventing movement as much as possible. No one should sit on the table or lean on it to avoid loosening the pin holding the housing. 

    Finally, ensure to keep the table covered when it's not in use. This will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on it. 

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