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Multi-Game Table Buying Guide

May 15, 2021 4 min read
Multi-Game Table Buying Guide Multi-Game Table Buying Guide

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    Gaming arcades are popular because they offer more than one sport. But, what if there was a way to enjoy as many table-based games as you like without leaving your home? Enter multi-game tables. The ideal solution to the problem of space associated with table-based games.

    Multi-game tables come in stylish designs and are loaded with some of the best popular table games. A multi-game table can be converted into several different games, including pool, table tennis, air hockey, and chess.

    Types of multi-game tables

    There are three types of multi-game tables in the market. These include attachable top – also called the conversion top – multi-game table type, flip tables, and hybrid tables. 

    The attachable top 

    This has a fixed game at the top but comes with other parts that can be affixed to play a different game. 

    The flip multi-game tables 

    This has two games, one on either side (top and bottom). To play a different game, you just need to flip the table upside-down. 

    Hybrid multi-game tables

    Combining both attached top and flip multi-game tables. Most games designated as 4-in-1, 7-in-1, 10-in-1, and so forth belong to this category.  

    Mightymast Dribbling Plus

    The Mightymast Dribbling Plus multi-games table is a great innovation loaded with up to 11 fun-filled games. The tables also come with a complete set of accessories. Mightymast Dribbling Plus has a sturdy design with a plastic unit. It is a foldable multi-games table whose legs are made of strong steel to ensure it is stable.

    The 11 games include Table Tennis, Table Football, Horse Race, Treasure Hunt, Grand Prix, Draughts, Gnam-Gnam, Snakes & Ladders, Fast Soul, Tris, Cat & Mouse.

    The Mightymast Dribbling Plus is the perfect multi-games table for kids of all ages. 

    Other things to consider:


    The size is an important consideration when buying a multi-games table because it greatly affects the gaming experience. Are you looking for a full-sized table or something different? 

    The different table sizes include full-sized, compact, regulated size, or mini-sized multi games tables. The smaller models do not match up to the arcade-style multi-games tables hence are limited in the games they offer. But if you want to play games like air hockey, you’ll have to go for the bigger table if space is no issue. 

    The standard size of a multi-games table for kids is 4-5 feet, while the full-sized one for adults is 6-7 feet. 


    You’ll also need to ensure that space is provided all around the multi-games table for an easy moment of players during a game of billiards or air hockey. Provide at least 3 feet of space on all sides of the table. 


    Choose a table whose height is commensurate with the players. Most tables for adults have a height of 32.5 inches, while those for kids are about 15 inches. Most quality tables will also come with leg levellers to allow for height adjustment to accommodate taller or shorter players. The leveller can also be used to set the table on an uneven surface. 


    Multi-games tables come with different sets of games. Choose a table that has the best combination of games for you. Most tables will accommodate common table games such as table tennis, air hockey, and billiards.

    Apart from these common games, multi-games tables may also have a combination of any of the following games:

    • Football
    • Card games
    • Pinochle
    • Checkers/Draught
    • Chess
    • Backgammon
    • Dominoes


    With regards to quality, go for a table that is durable, sturdy in construction and versatile in functionality. The table should also have a flat and smooth surface. 


    Most if not all multi-games tables are suitable for a two-player gaming experience. Whether a table supports multi-player or not will also be determined by the games it supports. You’ll realise that common games such as billiards, card games, air hockey, and table tennis are all multiplayer games. 


    A retractable playing surface is also a desirable feature for multi-games tables. Folding makes the table compact enough to move and store in small spaces. 


    If you’re buying a multi-games table, check to ensure it comes with the full set of accessories. Multi-games tables require several accessories because of the different games supported. 

    The common accessories of a multi-game table include;

    • Cue sticks for a game of billiards
    • Paddles for table tennis
    • Pucks for a game of air hockey
    • Clay chips for card games


    Warranty is an essential part of your checklist because it ensures your investment in the table is protected. A warranty should cover things like wear out, damage during transit, lost parts, and missing accessories.

    Your budget

    Multi-games tables can be quite expensive, so the price should be considered when you’re in the market for one. The price of the table will change depending on how many games it offers.

    Multi-game table maintenance

    To ensure you enjoy the value for your money, you must maintain your multi-game table. Accumulation of dust and dirt will damage the playing surface. It will also slow down the speed and accuracy of certain games such as air hockey and billiards. For a smooth play and great gaming experience, ensure to clean your table at least once a week.

    If the table includes air hockey, follow the steps below to clean it:

    1. Turn on the fan
    2. Vacuum the air hockey surface
    3. Scrub the table surface with an alcohol-based cleanser
    4. Clean the air holes
    5. Polish the table
    6. Sand the mallets and pucks.

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